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Introducing Black, Bringing Grey Suits to Life

A Christmas tree would look pretty unloved if you just slung it in the nook of your lounge with no tinsel, baubles and heavens forbid, no chocolate treats. What's more, it makes you look lazy; a job half done. It's common single guy behaviour, do enough to make it look like you made an effort without going that extra mile. It's called the extra mile because it's the details, the little things that literally get you further down the road in life. That mile is what Tom Cruise would refer to in Days of Thunder as Victory Lane. Imagine your grey suit is a Christmas tree without decorations, without the love of a cashmere tie or a pocket square, it's just a naked after-thought slumped in a corner waiting to die.

As Travolta once said "you better shape up". Because he needs a man. Wait, you know what I mean. Introducing Black, a luxury accessories brand specialising in British and Italian made cashmere, leather and silk accessories. Make those grey suits look like you've sprinkled them with magic dust. Since its inception in 2006, fabric quality and classic design have been the cornerstones of the brands collections - as Black is a byword for both luxury and timelessness.

Some of the key pieces include this Black Knitted Cashmere Tie which is a perfect contrast to a Prince of Wales Check Suit. 100% cashmere which is like putting Lindt chocolate on your tree as opposed to broken biscuits. Its tubular shape gives it that confidence, finished classically with a square end. It's backed with black satin around the neck for extra comfort around the collar. The Black and White Polka Dot Silk Pocket Square is comprised of 100% Italian silk twill and gives the suit that air of 'London-Dandy' offering a feel of flamboyance. Notice the hand rolled edge which adds a professional touch.

Perhaps the most subtle way to accessorize the grey suit is to compliment the grey with nuanced shades. After all we still have green filters on the fairy lights. Starting with the Black and Grey Paisley Silk Pocket Square which is hand crafted from Italian silk and gives the jacket a sense of flair without being too showy. The Accadia Pewter Polka Dot Silk Tie gives the look incredible versatility. 100% silk, designed purposely for casual or smart dressing with ideal neutrality for weddings or receptions. To finish the look you can adorn the outfit with a Shades of Grey Merino Wool Scarf which is designed in four tonal blocks from silver to slate.

Lastly, we can look at taking the Grey Suit down what I like to call, the Piccadilly line. Giving it a sprinkling of Navy. I was contemplating calling it the Officer and the Gentleman makeover but thought it too tenuous and wordy. Starting with the Two Tone Blue Check Wool Tie which gives off a strong vibe, hand crafted in Italy, 100% wool and boasts a striking diamond check in Midnight Navy and French Blue. Pair the tie with an Adelfia Navy Polka Dot Silk Dress Scarf to announce your arrival. This perennial favourite will be ideal for 40s weekends, trips to the race track and looks just as good with jeans. Finish the look with the Navy Silk Pocket Square which alongside the Check Wool Tie, is confident and gives the look strength and purpose.


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