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The Popularity of Sports Compression Clothing

Say the word “Tights” and you’ll think of a women’s wardrobe garment. Well the tights we’re talking about here are sports compression tights. Being comfortable and looking good are a token, but what about clothing that actually helps improve your performance and reduce your risk of injury? This is where things start to get interesting.

Medical compression has been around longer than your great-grandma but the popularity of sports compression is relatively new. How does it work? Well compression helps to improve blood circulation which in turn supplies more oxygen to working muscles, helping them to work harder for longer and recover faster. In addition to that, where can you find products which have technology that take care of temperature control and moisture management?.

Which brings us nicely onto SKINS' newest range of A400, with which you can perform at your best in any kind of weather without feeling too cold or too warm. How? Well, they've incorporated ADAPTIVE technology which in short has unique polymer that binds moisture keeping you warm and dry in cool conditions and then as your temperature increases it changes its properties to release stored moisture to keep you cool when it’s hot. To top it off, even an ex-astronaut has confirmed that SKINS compression gear improves your power, speed, stamina and recovery. For more on science check here

Not only is it hard enough to find sports compression tights that have been scientifically proven to help your body and performance, but also find a pair where you feel comfortable in and can perform in style. In today’s society, performing great is still the highest priority, but we live in a world where people want to perform great whilst looking at their best. Go find all the old videos of your childhood idols and compare them to the current professional athletes. All they cared about was their performance, not if their hair wasn’t sitting right or whether their training gear matched. Today, it’s a different story and one which SKINS have listened to well. They take both aspects seriously and that’s what makes them top of their game. To find out more about SKINS' values, technology and scientifically proven products visit them at www.skins.net.


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