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Japanese Style Ideas worth Stealing

Japanese style can quite often be extraordinary, a little bit weird, but stylish and impressive to look at nonetheless. Of course, dressing like that in your hometown might be a little too much, but there are some trends and style ideas you steal for yourself. In this article you will be presented with the most common and stylish trends from Japan.

Layers, layers and more layers 

Well, one of the first things that is easily noticeable about Japanese style is that they do love a bit of layering. For them, it is quite unusual to wear only one layer of clothing – even in the summer. To adopt this simply start layering your outfits a little more. You can do this in many various ways, such as matching a shirt with something like a cardigan sweater, or a waistcoat. Also don’t be afraid to complete an outfit by adding something like a fedora and a light-weight jacket for a more relaxed casual look. Just layer!

Break the rules 

Another fashion tip that Japanese men can give you is to break the rules of fashion and create your own unique style. Forget about matching colours and fabrics. Wear whatever you like, if you feel like wearing a denim shirt with a tailored jacket, then go for it! The essential tip here would be finding your unique style while experimenting. If you’re brave enough and want to be a step closer to fashionistas in Japan, start breaking the rules.

Pick one primary element 

After you’re done breaking the rules choose one central element of your outfit and accentuate it. A colour, a cut, or a jacket - anything goes. For example, you can find many guys in Tokyo wearing all-black outfits, but with a little pop of red in their shoelaces or belt stitching. The accent piece can be any garment you like, but in Japan guys tend to choose one from the following: scarves, fedoras, ties, shoes, loafers, boots or converse.

Overdress rather than under-dress 

Japanese guys tend to overdress rather than be under-dress. In fact, overdressing in Japan is one of the most organic and standard ways of standing out from the crowd. Don’t be afraid to wear a business suit on casual days, or a formal blazer when going out. It can create a very sophisticated look and make you look very stylish indeed.


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