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Is “Made in Italy” an expression of our times? Since its creation in 2012, the brand AltAlAna is answering this very question by putting together a variety of characteristics. The brand sums up the features of the Italian artisanal know how along with observation of European design in its DNA. Determined by a hybrid identity, AltAlAna keeps its strength in the manufacturing process, as well as the selection of tissues which lies in the heart of Tuscany. The creation, entrusted to the style department of the brand, looks at the trends of the urban lifestyle from all over the world.

This duplicity gives life to a new way of conceiving the ‘Made in Italy’ statement, a way focused on the preservation of the Italian standards of production, which favours the short chain and a selection of high quality fabrics – keeping an eye on the new waves of fashion. It is clear that AltAlAna designs its collections for active people.

In its own country, the label is distinguished for a design inspired by the clean shapes of contemporary art and architecture which is rising from all over the world. Giving its own interpretation of ‘Made in Italy’ by applying it to the 2.0 way of life, the brand evolves in unexpected shapes. In their latest collections it is possible to find bias pieces, oversized garments and cocoon shapes, both for him and for her, together with pure cashmere sweaters and perfectly cut edges. As their motto says; AltAlAna is expression of a Contemporary Italian Renaissance.


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