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Need-to-know Garment Care Travel Hacks

We now travel more frequently for both work and leisure and baggage restrictions on budget airlines are terrible. Making sure your best clothes stay in good condition through airports, trains and taxis can be quite difficult. Here are a few travel packing hacks that we’ve put together which could make packing and unpacking a lot easier - while caring for your garments at the same time.


Let’s start with the heavier items which should be at the bottom of your suitcase… shoes. To keep them away from scuffs and scratches, use shoe bags. Most shoe brands provide them but if not, you can buy them online easily. You should also pop a small tin of shoe polish or suede protector in your suitcase, granted you may not need it but you’ll be thankful if you do.

Suit Carriers 

If you can, try to carry your more precious clothing items in a suit carrier when you’re flying. You can bring this straight onto the plane and this will prevent the suit from ruffling amongst other clothes in your bag and instantly reduce any creases from forming. A creased suit is never EVER a good look. If this is not an option for you, fold away your suit into your suitcase properly. There is a trick to folding a suit jacket; begin by pulling the lapels back slowly turning the jacket inside out, tuck one shoulder into the other, then roll the jacket up from top to bottom. By folding the jacket inside out any scuffs that may occur in your bag will not affect the outer part. You could also be extra careful, by then putting them in separate clothes bags within your case. Roll all other items in your suitcase too - it will prevent creases and also takes makes packing easier.

Those damn creases! 

No matter how careful we are with packing our clothes to creases, this cannot always be avoided. If you don’t have an iron in your hotel room simply hang your garments in the bathroom while you take a shower with the door closed, the steam will help draw the creases out. Secondly, if do have access to a an iron and need to get creases out of thicker yet delicate silk items such as ties or suits, cover them with a towel and gently run the iron over, it will help get the creases out without damaging the material.

On Your Return... 

Packing for your return can often get a bit tricky especially if you’ve picked up a few extra items. We’ve all been there, sitting on the hotel bed looking at our bulky suitcase which won’t close and thinking “Everything fit on the way here and there is nothing extra in there.” You have some dirty clothes which are headed straight for the wash when you get home. Don’t just ball them up into your suitcase, this will take up so much more room. Fold or roll them as if they were clean but keep them away from your clean clothes by put them in a bag (preferably not a plastic carrier bag as they hold moisture and are generally not good for your clothes).

Important extras 

Pack a clothes brush, there is nothing worse than attracting fluff or fur across your dark jacket. A brush will come in handy on those woollen garments too. Throw in small bottles of washing detergent; a lot of supermarkets now stock these for people on the go. Secondly, pack a small sewing kit - that missing button won’t look so neat at a work dinner. You may not want to be washing while you’re traveling, however if you do end up spilling something down your shirt or tie you won’t want to let it absorb further by waiting until you return home to then try and remove the stain. Make use of your sink or bath and soak them over night in cold water and hang them up to dry. Just be sure to check your garment washing guidelines before doing so and as a last resort you could use the hotel’s expensive dry cleaning service).

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