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4 Simple Office Style Upgrades for AW15

The majority of men who’ve devoted their lives to the concrete jungle will agree that this guide is the basis of their 9 to 5 ensembles. However, the 21st century style-conscious gent would also agree that office attire has a more individualistic appeal. With this ever-growing transition of style, there’s no doubt that it can be a minefield when approaching the daunting task of office attire. Will it ever be acceptable to style that shirt and sweatshirt? Will your boss look down on you? What if you don’t like wearing your suit jacket or if ties irritate you? With that being said, here are 4 key office staples for you to conquer this winter 2015.


Men usually opt for the traditional two-piece suit. The suit is for the man looking to go the extra mile, adding a pinch of suave. The three-piece is the next step up in power dressing for the boardroom. For a more contemporary-feel it’s always best to look for slim-fitting or tailored cuts - always make sure you have enough looks to rotate your office gear because tailored pieces also need a break to recover.

Louis Copeland 2015
Louis Copeland 2015


The key for your shirt is to ensure it’s clean, crisp, and ironed - of course. Opt for shirts which come in high-cotton and avoid synthetic materials… if you want to stay sweat-free. Whether you work in a corporate office or a much more relaxed setting, a decent selection of work shirts will see you through your stresses of the job in style.

SuitSupply 2015
SuitSupply 2015


Take a quick look around the office right now. Some men have the right approach to combining shirts and ties, and some... well, they ought to take note. Wearing a corporate suit every morning can suck the life out of you, the dull colours and restrictive shapes. Getting creative with your shirt and tie matching can be the most effective way of showcasing your style and pizazz for fashion in the workplace. In saying this, it can be easily misunderstood and styled wrongly. Combining patterns and colours can quickly take you down the road to a style faux pas, and the cause of your boss’ migraine. Stick to textured or matte finishes and remember, your tie should be as close to the width of your suit lapel as it can. It’s often easier to style contrasting colours than it is complementary ones too. Complementary colours are harder to match because wearing them in all their glory is often too much for the eye. The key here is to vary the shades. Your tie should always be a darker shade than your shirt.

Thomas Pink 2015
Thomas Pink 2015


Last but not least, footwear. Often easy to neglect when it comes to office attire. This is the pinnacle of any man’s office ensemble but so many men forget this and opt for cheap looking slip on shoes similar to what you wore back in school. Shoes hold the power to make or break your style. Choose wisely when it comes to footwear; black shoes pair with any colour suit. However, when wearing a navy, blue, or light grey suits, you can easily wear your brown shoes for a quick style turn-up. Look for classic Brogues, Derby or Oxford shoes and pay no less than £100.

Florentino 2015
Florentino 2015


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