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Introducing Mr. Jenks

Some of you stylish readers may be familiar with this brand – in particular their Instagram but we’d like to share some more information about them with you. Mr. Jenks is an Irish based online store specialising in 100% Silk and 100% linen Pocket Squares. They're new players to the Pocket Square scene but they definitely have a lot to add. They pride themselves on providing luxurious products that stand out from the crowd. With their Rolled Hemmed Edges, 100% Silk and wide range of designs, there’s not many others that can offer the same level Pocket Squares as Mr. Jenks.

Another thing we love about Mr. Jenks is their patterns and designs - they have a wide range from Polka Dot to Floral and Paisley to Plain, so something to fit everyone's tastes. The Patterns you will see on these pocket squares are traditional patterns with a modern day twist which illustrates sophistication and elegance. In comparison to trend patterns, you can be sure that one by this brand will remain stylish for many years. We love the Black and Gold Paisley Pocket Square for the winter/festive season, it’s something that catches attention and really adds that extra finishing touch.

Mr. Jenks’ Pocket Squares have an exclusive high class look about them (yet priced under £25) and we absolutely love sporting their styles in formal outfits. We’ve played around with different folds and have created many looks e.g. a day in the office or an after work event. Apparently we aren’t the only ones as there’s many recent Irish Fashion Bloggers posting about them too. We would definitely recommend investing in one, it’s almost certain to become one of your formal wardrobe staples.

How do you wear it? 

You’re not the only guy to be unsure of how to fold one so don’t panic! Mr. Jenks have a step by step guide to folding on their website and they've also created a video to show you how it’s done. Depending on your occasion you will simply choose a certain fold and it's likely you'll find and stick with a favourite. Our advice for this would be to have a play around and eventually you’ll decide which fold is for you.

One thing that really stood out for us was the way Mr. Jenks package their Pocket Squares. We were pleasantly surprised when the delivery arrived and was different to the standard cardboard box. The Pocket Square was folded in tissue paper then sealed in a box with a wax stamp! Yes, that’s right – a wax stamp! What other way to scream sophistication that sealing a package like that. We loved it, it was such a unique classic finishing touch.


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