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A Festive Goodbye to the Beard

As 2015 draws to an end it may be time to start thinking of the ‘new year, new you’ rule. You don’t need to feel compelled to make drastic life changes like moving abroad or quitting your job, but a little spruce up of your appearance can make a big difference to feeling good on the inside as well as on the outside. While the beard is on the way out here are a few reasons why you may want to be thinking of getting rid of it this winter – even Santa is braving the act too!

So you can begin this transition through the festive period for a number of reasons. After a survey by Braun it is believed men are more inclined to restyle their facial hair on Christmas Eve – we aren’t sure why, but hey-ho (no festive pun intended). Along with this statistic it’s been said that almost half of men will sport a new look just for Christmas and New Year simply because being off work gives them the time to be experimental; whereas there is a small 11% of you who give up altogether and maybe feel the need to do the opposite.

Whether you are inclined to or not, the first step to grooming and removing some of that facial hair you may have is with a fresh new shaver. Whether it’s a gift to yourself, something you have asked for or if you’re a mother, wife, sister or girlfriend reading this then this could be a great last minute gift ideas for Christmas.

Funnily enough, over half of women admitted to purchasing a razor for their husbands and boyfriends for their own benefit, simply because they didn’t want them looking scruffy over Christmas - also because most would rather kiss a well-groomed man under the mistletoe than one with an unkempt beard – surely this might encourage you to take on the fresh faced trend? So whatever your reason is; some say a longer beard means you get food stuck in it, while others say it freezes in the colder temperatures - it’s time for a restyle!

Just like Santa this Christmas, who also wants to look his best; Braun could be a helpful gift this year. With a range of products and body styling appliances you can choose from. The Braun cruZer6 beard and head function, has a special click and lock function so the comb can stay in place allowing you to trim your hair to the exact length you want. If you want a cleaner closer shave it has the ‘precision’ function giving the freedom of precision work. Or if you just want to experiment, then its 3 in 1 shaver can be used as a styler and trimmer for a stylish beard, close shave and defined edges.


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