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4 Must-Know Style Tips for the Larger Man

Everyone dreams of having the perfect body. Imagine waking up and being really happy with what you see in the mirror. Sounds good, right? Good, but definitely not realistic. It’s time to be happy with what you’ve been given – and we’re here to help. As a company specialising in clothes for tall and large men, our friends at SizeBase don’t believe that your size should dictate whether you’re fashionable or not. In fact, your size has nothing to do with how well you dress – it’s all about choosing the right items of clothing. 

For those who have purchased large men’s clothing from SizeBase, you’ll be aware of their brilliant range of fashionable clothing for the larger men. With clothing from some huge brand names, including Raging Bull and Mish Mash - they prove that your size doesn’t prevent you from looking amazing. The key is finding out which clothes suit and flatter your body shape the best – it’s all smooth sailing from there onwards. Check out our expert styling tips to get you started.

The Fit Should be Perfect 

The first rule of dressing well is to find clothes that provide the right fit. Any man who wants to look his very best, whatever his shape or size, needs to find and wear clothes that fit him. So what do we mean by fitted? When we refer to clothes that ‘fit’, we mean those that do not look or feel too tight or too loose. For some reason, a lot of larger men tend to stick to items of clothing that are far too big for them – often those with an unflattering boxy fit. This unfortunately makes them seem a lot larger than they actually are. The better your clothes fit, the more comfortable you feel, and the happier you are.

It’s all About the Trousers

For those who are larger around the middle, it’s all about finding the perfect pair of trousers. You want to stay away from anything that will add even a little bulk to your appearance. This includes saying goodbye to pleated pants and pants that are too narrow at the bottom. Larger men should opt for jeans with a straight leg and relaxed fit - as you can see with the ‘Kam lightweight’ jeans below. We suggest wearing the jeans high – above your hips. Overall, you should be looking for mid-rise pants as these won’t make you look any larger than you are.

V-Necks Are the Way To Go 

This time of the year brings the knitwear – it’s everywhere! If you’ve always struggled to choose something that keeps you warm and suits your shape – we’re here to help. For knitwear, jumpers, and basically any type of top, we advise you to choose something that has a v-neck style. This is because they create the illusion of a smaller neckline which therefore makes it look a lot more flattering. They also make you appear leaner and will elongate your whole face.

Andrew Flintoff
Andrew Flintoff

Get the Stripes Right 

Find a woman who is conscious about her weight and ask her what type of clothes she avoids when shopping – we are confident that the answer will include horizontal stripes. This rule isn’t any different when it comes to men – in fact it’s one of the most common pieces of style advice. If you must wear shirts with stripes, the trick is to choose those with vertical stripes. These are a lot more slimming – they make you appear a lot leaner. We also recommend choosing shirts with thinner vertical stripes – like the ones in the shirts below. With our expert tips in mind, we’re confident that you can dress to impress for any occasion. Just remember to check the fit, check the pattern, think about the trousers and go v-neck for a great casual style.

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