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Wedding Day Tips for the Groom

When it comes to wedding day preparations it’s almost always the bride that springs to mind. And while it’s true the bride might have been dreaming of her perfect wedding for most of her life, the groom shares a bit of responsibility on the day of the wedding too. On that note, if you’re a soon to be husband or you know a groom who might need some advice for his wedding day preparations, feel free to share our tips below.

Get up early 

Your wedding day is not the day to sleep in. Granted, you likely don’t have to get your hair and makeup done like your soon-to-be wife but you do need to shower, groom, dress and be available for any last-minute catastrophes that need taking care of. That means you need to rise with the roosters, throw back some coffee and start your day a bit earlier than you might normally do. Your bride-to-be will likely be busy with her bridal party getting dolled up for her big day so let her relax while you make yourself available tohelp with any last minute details. Always offer to be the go-to guy for any questions from friends and family.

Ask for a to-do list 

Be proactive when it comes to your wedding day. Your wife probably already has a list a mile long of things she’s trying to remember so help her out by asking her if she has a list of things she’d like you to do that morning. Even if she doesn’t, she’ll truly appreciate your active participation in making the day easier. What a great way to start your marriage off on the right foot!

Pack an emergency kit 

This might sound like something only a bride needs but you’ll be pretty upset if you are waiting at the top of the aisle and some raging heart burn comes on. Have a kit packed and nearby with some wedding day essentials including antacids, mouthwash, aspirin, Pepto-Bismol, extra pins and buttons, lip balm, sunblock (if the wedding is outdoors), water and a lint roller.

Reassure your bride 

Most brides are nervous and beyond panicked on the morning of their wedding. Sometimes, all it takes is a little reassurance from their groom to make these feelings go away. Start by sending a little note or gift her way through a friend. Regardless of whether you’re tying the knot in Heaton House Farm, a countryside wedding venue or in your parents backyard, be sure to tell her that the venue, the food and everything else is going to be perfect and that everything will run according to plan. This will let her know you are thinking of her and will give her the reassurance she needs on this hectic morning.

Eat and drink water 

Make sure you wake early enough to give yourself enough time to eat a good breakfast that will keep you satisfied until the evening meal. You’ll be spending most of the morning running around and exerting more energy than you realise so you’ll want a high-protein breakfast to start your day. After all, no groom wants a rumbling in their stomach when they are saying “I do.” Once the party starts, always mix your flow of alcoholic drinks with glasses of water and be sure to force yourself to sit down and eat during dinner service.

Enjoy yourself 

The best thing that you can do on your wedding day is relax and enjoy the moment. Today is about you and your beautiful bride and the amazing life you are starting together. Have fun, enjoy the company and, most importantly, if anything gets stressful, look across the room at your new wife, smile and wink, and know you are right where you are supposed to be.


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