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Introducing the DELTAt NBS Heavy Duty Watch Collection

DELTAt might sound like one of David Beckham's kids or a straight to DVD Jason Statham movie, but in fact it's an exclusive brand that delivers industrial-design styled watches. Amongst the collections are the NBS range that combines elegance with robustness. There's an unapologetic masculine aesthetic, punctuated by the thick straps and the reinforced casing. The machinery of the watch can be seen through the three windows of the dial, and the product is packaged and presented like a tool kit for that finishing touch.

The NBS collection is not just for show, but for practicality. Thanks to its reinforced design structure it's water resistance up to a 1,000m providing the ultimate protection. The exclusivity of this collection will make this a unique and intriguing addition to your watch draw and a focal talking point amongst your horologist friends.

Highlights from the range include the NBS MKI-BGB which has an elegant satin and sandblast finish. It's detailing contains stainless steel Ionized blue buckle and loop and has 40 hours power reserve when fully winded. I like the sleek, voguish quality this watch offers. It oozes masculinity and the exclusivity of the product means your watch will announce your arrival.

Possibly my personal favourite in the NBS collection is the NBS MKI-CRG. Fitted with aluminum bronze, a common material for heavy industrial tools, synonymous with maritime instruments. After being exposed to water aluminum bronze will develop a layer of patina. This layer of patina will protect from erosion and gives it a living skin; a battle-hardened aged look. The aluminum bronze and mahogany dial contrast sets this watch apart.

Finally the NBS MKI-TCS has a carbon fibre dial with lumed index and an anti-reflective sapphire crystal coating. Like its contemporaries it has a Japan Miyota Automatic Movement and is the most versatile watch in the collection. Wear for work, socializing, or for everyday leisure.


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