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Introducing Farer Watches

Introducing the new British luxury watch brand Farer. The brand fuses that perfect blend of British design with Swiss manufacturing. The first Farer collection features a retrospective design and feature interchangeable straps. There are seven watches to choose from, and within the collection you can either opt for the three hands, the sub dial, or the GMT. Each of the watches are named after iconic British explorers, inspired by an era of Swiss watch making from the Fifties and Sixties, the salad days of horology when brave colours and interesting textures were introduced and craftsmanship was never shirked or compromised. Yet whilst the collection has a nostalgic flair, the modern interpretation certainly catches the eye and creates a timeless design fit for the future.

The brands USP (aside from the quality, the price and the 5 year guarantee) is the innovative strap mechanism which allows you to change the look of your watch in seconds. Throw on the tuxedo and hit the casinos with the luxurious silver Milanese strap or borrow your Dad's E-Type Jag and hit the road with your trophy wife in the classic Italian leathers range. Each Farer watch is thirty-nine millimetres in diameter which gives it a certain androgynous quality, whilst its voguish aesthetic means it will look the part on her wrist too. The dimensions of the Farer watch give a tender sideways glance to the ageless design of watches of the past that set the tone for the modern day understanding of luxury products.

The signature Farer arrow mark runs throughout each watch, forever pointing forward. It can be seen ticking on the second hand, elegantly cast into the bronze crown and engraved into the compass design on the back of the watch. There is also a unique number engraved on the back for that bespoke authenticity. (I'm guessing the 007 watch will be the Willy Wonka ticket for some lucky customer). Farer encapsulates all the hallmarks of British design; bold colours, contrasting textures and relentless dedication to detail. The founders have a clear affection for the halcyon days of watch making, producing an affordable and versatile luxury.


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