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How to Explore Europe on a Budget

If you’re planning a trip to Europe and want to enjoy luxury without the hefty price tag, there are plenty of ways to save money. You might have a limited budget, but that’s no reason to place restrictions on your travel experience. Here are some of the best ways to save cash so you can get the best of the best from your travel plans.

Less is more 

Avoid the temptation to visit half of Europe in one trip. Instead opt for one or two destinations with the option to visit nearby attractions or popular towns. You won’t have to pay costly airfares and will spend less time sitting in transit. This leaves you with more time to see the sights and the trip won’t feel like an endurance test.

Travel by train 

If you're still set on cramming in as many destinations as possible, make the smart choice and travel across Europe by train. There are heaps of passes available offering discounts for longer journeys or those booked in advance. Travel on an overnight train for any journeys over 5 hours - you'll save on the cost of accommodation and arrive at your destination completely refreshed, ready for a day of exploring. 

Find the freebies 

Getting the best out of a European city doesn’t have to involve shelling out loads of money. Many popular museums offer free admission on certain days or during off peak periods. Look hard enough and you’re also likely to find free concerts and performances in public venues. Take advantage of these free attractions to see more without reaching for your wallet.

Avoid the taxis 

It’s the most expensive form of transportation and there’s no major need to use them when you’re travelling to a larger city. Many of the leading European airports offer a shuttle service to the city centre, allowing you to save on the extortionate taxi fares. Besides, a day pass for a bus or subway system bought in advance can take you to all the major sights without any hassle. 

Seek out the cheap eats 

The tourist friendly restaurants are often the most expensive and don’t always guarantee an authentic taste of the country. Steer clear of the crowds of holidaymakers and you may discover the true popular hangouts amongst locals. From discreet eateries to street food vendors, these affordable options can serve up the most memorable food of the trip.

Choose a rental 

All-inclusive holidays may seem like the sensible choice but renting an apartment or villa could be just as affordable. If you’re travelling in a group this can be especially beneficial, allowing you to stay in a stylish apartment at half the cost of a hotel. Since the accommodation will be fitted with kitchen facilities, you can spend much less of your money on eating out. 

Consider location 

If rental isn’t an option, you can always save money by booking a hotel on the outskirts of a city. It may not be the best location but you can always hop on public transport to all the city action. It may be quieter and you could opt for a more luxurious room with all the money you saved.

Always haggle 

Whether you’re navigating the bustling food markets of Barcelona or trying to bag the perfect souvenir in Italy, never be afraid to haggle. In Europe, it’s common practice. With a strict poker face and some good negotiation skills, you could buy that holiday gift at half the price.


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