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Introducing A’Legions Luxury Men’s Shirts

A’legions is swiftly becoming synonymous with men’s luxury. Launched in 2013, the shirts are made from the finest cotton-blended fabrics available. The renowned Albini Group supplies A’legions with the expertly made fabric that has been prized by many – in the UK and internationally – for several hundred years. The Albini Group was one of the first manufacturers of shirting fabric in 19th-century Italy – a group of mills that continues to operate today. 

Interlining and fusing are taken seriously and A’legions have worked with the world experts since 1843 such as Wendler, to develop three unique collar types: The Cutaway, The Venetian and The Roman High. Many collars feature edge-stitching for an exacted finish. A’legions has also designed several pioneering construction techniques. The 'incorporated-bow tie' (as seen in the Sinatra below), smooth 'peel-and-reveal' cuff tips, the 'flush inside-pocket' and the ready-to-wear double-cuff that can be worn multiple ways. The emblem (crossed keys) which feature across the range, stems from ancient codes of loyalty and strength and is a symbol of uncompromising quality.

Valentine’s Day is fast-approaching - dates and dinners are demonstrably a part of the annual love fest – but what to wear? Impressing that special someone is hard (at the best of times), and impressing someone during formal occasions is even harder. Luckily A’Legions has a range of shirts for a variety of settings and occasions. Here’s a short and sweet guide we put together with help from the brand’s founder, Mike Woodall, to give you guys some clarity. 

Super Formality 

Sinatra - A classical style with an asymmetrical pleated front and built-in black bow tie (cleverly designed black collar rendering the need of a bow tie unnecessary). Ideally this would be worn for black-tie events, or at high-end restaurants and bars. Swarovski crystals are used as buttons to give that added hint of opulence. Jet-hematite black fastenings feature on the collars and cuffs, and translucent buttons feature down the front.


Kaleidoscope - White is the conventional colour for formality and probity. French seams down the front and back add shape while the blue crystal shank buttons on the cuffs and front fastening inject colour. The kaleidoscopic print placed subtly on the collar, button stand and cuffs adds a lick of personality – ideal for an upbeat event.


Hilton - Pink is no longer a female-only colour. Masculinity has embraced femininity over the years and attractiveness comes from being confident in one’s skin – wearing pink is part of that. This shirt has a contrasting striped pattern under the collar, the inside-cuffs and on the placket. The Hilton is versatile and a shirt for all occasions.


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