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Introducing Dan Ward Designer Swimwear

Introducing Dan Ward, a man that knows about luxury. He cut his teeth as a multi-function marketing and design expert at prestigious heritage fashion houses, such as Hermès, Bally, Dunhill and Calvin Klein, before founding his own - Dan Ward, in 2012. Dan Ward is like a trend-setting Terminator, focused and imperturbable in his pursuit for defined looks that call for purity and sophistication. Dan Ward is out there, and he can't be reasoned with. He doesn't feel pity or remorse and he absolutely will not stop, ever  - Wait (sorry) that actually is the Terminator.

The American designer combines his take on British sartorial clothing and Italian excellence with invigorating design touches and inspirations from his beloved Japan to produce some of the most refined swimwear, urban casualwear and footwear staples, which are infused with a sense of effortless luxury. Being a national champion swimmer himself, Dan Ward is best placed to satisfy the challenging demands of sportsmen. State-of-the-art tech updates are therefore primordial to his swimwear collections. They include quick drying, exceptional breathability, shape retention and UV resistance, among other notable characteristics.

Dan Ward's new Cruise 2016 menswear and footwear collections introduces all the best ingredients; a luxe selection of swimwear, casualwear and footwear, all designed with a retro urban edge in mind. "Fit is key" at Dan Ward, and as such the designer has opted for kaleidoscope-flavoured patterns and colours that mirror the beauties of the summer season. The grape and red, reflect the subtle shades of sundown whilst the effervescent reef green and yellow hues evoke the freshness of the seashore. The casualwear therefore comes with tapered and honed shapes, which are sculpted to the body for the perfect fit.

Shoe-wise, the true showstoppers are Dan Ward's men’s luxe flip flop range that features an asymmetric caged or elasticised cord upper and back straps. The new leather sandal designs are re-imagined with multi-straps and cross toe detailing and come with comfortable lug soles and grosgrain trims. When the pool party invites start jamming up your in-tray, invest in Dan Ward swim shorts designer footwear to announce your arrival.


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