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The Future of Car Safety

One of my many inventions that are patent-pending involve car technology. The BabyAway is a revolutionary device that elevates a child-seat, with said child in it, via a spring based mechanism safely through the sun roof of any automobile whilst in motion. Thus enabling the driver to smoke with impunity safe in the knowledge that their child won't be subjected to second hand smoke.

So you could say I'm always on the lookout for car based technology, especially as it pertains to safety. This week at CES in Las Vegas HARMAN debuted new eye and pupil tracking technology that aims to improve driver safety. I know it sounds like something out of Blade Runner right? It measures pupil dilation to work out the driver’s mental workload and sends signals to the car’s other safety systems to adapt to the driver’s current state and minimise mental and physical distractions.

“Safety on the road is more important than ever as more vehicles become connected. HARMAN is advancing the state of the art for solutions that balance drivers’ desire to stay connected in the car without a compromise to their safety and security,” Alon Atsmon, vice president of technology strategy at HARMAN.

The brand also launched a new portable Bluetooth speaker for the car. The Infinity Voyager Drive pops in and out of the car dashboard to keep consumers connected and move seamlessly from one environment to the next. It gives those who haven’t previously had the luxury of premium audio in the car a chance to have this on an affordable scale, while enabling them to incorporate it into other areas of their lives.

Other car technology patents I have pending are the Voice Activated LED Diode so you can communicate with other drivers whom are stuck in traffic. The Seat-well Steamer that can iron your trousers as you drive to work and the Who's in the Limo decoder, a dashboard infotainment app that can see through glass tint. If anyone from Harman wish to discuss the schematics of these patents, I am available for discussion.


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