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Introducing C6

You need to protect the ones you love. And I'm not talking about the dog or the fully restored Porsche 911 wrapped in dustsheets in your garage. I am talking about protecting your digital life. C6 is a brand designed to fully protect your digital life, combining maximum functionality with a modern and simple aesthetic. Founded in 2011, drawing inspiration from the world of modern architecture, graphic design and photography, channelling these contemporary art-forms into a vibrant range of iPhone cases, laptop cases and bags. 

"Zips and additional pockets are hidden in keeping with the minimal lines and clean aesthetic of each bag. You won’t find our bags overloaded with external pockets etc. We love traveling, especially through Asia; meeting people who can help us create new ideas, which we can bring into Europe. The flip side of this is meeting people who appreciate our products and ideas, which they can use in their own markets."

Some highlights from their new AW16 collection include the new Mito Laptop Bag. It's got more functions than Batman's utility belt - loaded with C6 details and allows you to travel efficiently, keeping the experience of travel enjoyable. It's a multi-purpose 3 in 1 with zip fasten security adorned with matt black rubberised Clips.

Another haymaker taken from the January release is the Slim Backpack. Which comes with push clips for added security so you can travel knowing your luggage is protected. Each C6 item is made without compromise - fuelled by a desire to provide maximum functionality for every item. "At C6 we aim to make products that inspire and improve the way we enjoy our digital world, beautifully formed and built to last." They have collaborated with designers including Agi & Sam, Cottweiler and Christopher Raeburn.

One of the most eye-catching items is the Pack Away Tote. It comes fully stocked with elongated dual hand grips with every item in the collection, featuring the highest quality materials and hardware -which are robust, showerproof and stylish. Lastly it would be remiss of me not to mention the Red Packaway Backpack. The main feature of both the Pack Away Tote and the Backpack is they fold away into a handy laptop sleeve.

The previous success stories that C6 have produced are timeless classics such as the Black Chromo with accessible zipped front pocket, secured with flap and polished gun metal push clips. The Black Classic Tote complete with Internal 'organiser' pockets. The Ribo Backpack and lastly the Colour Block Slim Backpack, which will certainly stand out on the baggage carousel.

C6 products are available from Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, and through the brands own ecommerce site c6life.com - prices start at £20 for i-phone cases to £145 for large rucksacks.

Peter Brooker

Peter is a published author on men's style, writer for the Metro Online, a huge James Bond fanatic and the host of our very own MenswearStyle podcast show.

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