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The Proper Way to Shave with a Safety Razor

Is shaving an everyday struggle? Have you spent a fortune on the latest Gillette offering and been left disappointed? If so, Dr Shave’s Book of Shaving is the perfect read for you. If you’ve tried the latest super-duper, 5 blade vibrating razor with built in light only to be left with ingrown hairs and a less than close shave - or you’ve spent a fortune on shaving foams, gels and gunks that leave your skin irritated then you’ve got to read this book.

Safety Razor vs Cartridge Razor 

We believe every man can benefit from shaving with a safety razor, they are inexpensive to buy and you can buy a good one for as little as £25. They are easy to use, they deliver close shaves, they are kind to the skin and replacement blades average out at only 35 pence each (good for around 6 close shaves). A Gillette Fusion blade is also good for 6 shaves and costs around £2, so why waste money?

Bin the multi blade cartridge razor you use to claw at your face and neck and invest in a safety razor. The first thing you notice about safety razors is how manly and practical they look – they have knurled handles for a firm grip even when your hands are wet. A safety razor uses a single thin (very sharp) razor blade whereas modern day cartridge razors achieve their closeness by firstly stretching the skin with a layer of micro fins, then lifting the bristles and slicing them off at a point below the surface of the skin. This method leads to irritated skin and ingrown hairs.

What are the advantages? 

A safety razor cleanly cuts bristles at the skin’s surface resulting in a close yet comfortable, irritation free shave. A three pass shave is recommended for best results - shave with the grain (the direction the hairs grow towards), then shave across the grain and finally shave against the grain. Watch the tutorial video below where Dr Shave shares his best tips on how to prepare your skin, how to shave and offers post shave care advice too. The majority of safety razors are priced at around the £25-£50 mark but for those who like a touch of luxury try these solid stainless steel razors from Japan priced from £155-£270 - they are a joy to use.

How to do it 

Shaving foams and gels should actually be avoided - just read the ingredients list and you’ll be put off them for life. They simply don’t deliver sufficient lubrication and cushioning for comfortable wet shaving. Alternatively opt for a good shaving cream and apply with a shaving brush to leave the skin underneath protected with a layer of lubrication. After shaving, wash the face with lukewarm water to remove all traces of lather and then pat the skin dry with a clean towel. Finally, apply an after shave balm to soothe because shaving removes natural oils from the skin and so moisturising after shaving is essential. Never apply aftershave or cologne containing alcohol on freshly shaved skin.


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