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Timberland 'Sensor-Flex’ Capsule Collection

Today sees the launch of the Timberland capsule collection ‘Sensor-flex’. I'm starting to love the word "capsule" in reference to a dry goods collection. When a new capsule arrives I imagine it to land in one of those time displacement spheres, with tickles of electricity and a crouched naked Arnold Schwarzenegger inside. Normally I'd caveat that statement with a glib "I digress" remark, however this latest capsule from Timberland has some interesting technology that could be a game changer in the way we tackle the terrain.

The weather and terrain can change in an instance when you're out and about for a walk, taking a city stroll, or accidentally waltzing into the assault course on the Krypton Factor. In order to beat the new conditions you have to be on the lookout and have versatile clothing and footwear that performs in style wherever you are, whenever. Staying ahead of the game with technological advances is Timberland's Sensorflex™.

The new Sensorflex™ boasts a lightweight performance footwear that keeps with a unique three layer outsole including a firm upper layer that supports and stabilizes feet, a secondary EVA layer that absorbs shock and impact, and a bottom layer of flex grooves and traction pods that instantly adapts to any terrain. Who knew this kind of science fiction could manifest itself in footwear, and in our lifetime no less.

The technology absorbs, shocks and adapts to new terrain with Timberland’s trademark anti-fatigue technology. The collection runs across both men’s and women’s and the styles come in neutral hues and bold colours (By the way, I had to google the word 'Hue' because I heard it in passing, it means a gradation or variety of a colour). The Sensor-flex collection will begin to drop on 16th of March, prices start from £100 - £130 and is available at online at timberlandonline.co.uk

Killington Chukka
Killington Chukka

Anyhow the future is bright, with bright hue colours and Timberland is there on the vanguard of futuristic footwear.

Peter Brooker

Peter is a published author on men's style, writer for the Metro Online, a huge James Bond fanatic and the host of our very own MenswearStyle podcast show.

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