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Introducing Monsieur Chaussure Shoe Care

Leather care, especially when it comes to shoes, is an art that only a few experts and shoe enthusiasts master according to tradition. Regular and proper care of your highly valued shoes will significantly lengthen their useful life and preserve their attractiveness over time. You also need to be aware of the attentive and appropriate gestures to care for the various leathers used in production nowadays and help them to tame the passage of time.

With the goal of offering gentleman’s shoes that respect expertise, Charles Bellanné founded Monsieur Chaussure in 2012, the first independent shoe care products and accessories retailer specialist. Monsieur Chaussure aims to share its knowledge and passion with those who love beautiful shoes. For the founder of the brand, creating Monsieur Chaussure was "the result of a frustratingly futile search for quality cleaning products in store and online, and adequate and reliable advice on how to take care of my shoes at a fair price."

Monsieur Chaussure offers the fullest selection of brands and care products dedicated to shoes, all tested and approved by shoemakers, with an affordable price. You will find brushes for all uses, polish of all colours, shoe trees, coloured laces, shoe shine kits, all the useful products to turn your shoe care routine into a rewarding pastime. For anyone not familiar with the shoe care ritual and whatever your budget, Monsieur Chaussure is well-experienced in meeting your specific needs so you’ll be armed with the best tools for the job of taking care of your leather shoes.

Aware of the lack of specific guidance available for novices wanting to preserve their shoes, Monsieur Chaussure is proud to take you step by step through the leather care process. With lessons in polishing techniques, videos, customer service and a blog coming soon, all on hand to provide you with the knowledge, advice and expertise required to maintain and care for your pair of shoes. With valuable tips, you’ll be able to renovate and then slip that pair of much-loved shoes (that once languished at the back of the wardrobe) back on.

As a newcomer on the UK market, this shoe care stockist is great news for your footwear. The shoe care ritual will hold no secrets and caring for your shoes will be a new obsession. The world of Monsieur Chaussure is a key part of elegance and fine clothing and endeavours to share its knowledge with the largest number of shoe lovers. 

Check out the video tutorial below to learn how to care for your nubuck shoes properly.


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