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Discover Savile Row Company Made-to-Measure

Ever thought about visiting Savile Row in London and buying a Made-to-Measure suit? Sure you have, but it’s one of those expensive lifetime experiences that we strive to achieve – something you’ll experience when you’re rich and successful, and an off-the-peg suit will do just fine for now. But you’re getting married and classic tails is of zero interest to you - this is the perfect opportunity to splash the cash as a free man on a swanky suit that will fit you like a glove. After all, your better half is spending a similar amount of money on a simple white dress right? They say that once you've worn Made-to-Measure there's no going back, let's find out.

Savile Row is a special place. You can walk down the street and see many of the tailoring houses’ tailors at work in their basement workshops – working their sartorial art-form in the same way as previous tailors did since 1803. Located at number 40 Savile Row you’ll find the Savile Row Company, a brand which has offered fine tailoring since 1938, founded by tailor and cutter Gerry Doltis. This is where our Editor-in-Chief Craig Landale recently visited to get his first ever made-to-measure Savile Row suit - a suit required for his spring wedding in sunny Yorkshire.

The Fittings 

Ever visited a restaurant which has too much on the menu and you start to panic? This is similar to how you’ll feel on your first meeting. But you have the shop to yourself and you’re relaxing on a sofa with a cup of tea so don’t worry. At this Savile Row Company Made to Measure fitting the tailor gives you his full attention and will provide his preferences and advices on colour matching if needs be. You’ll be choosing from 16 different fabrics, number of buttons, button holes, style of buttons, lapel shape, trousers pocket style... 

Do you want to cuff your trousers? What lining would you like? What colour would you like for under your collar? Single or double breasted? Initials on the inner pocket Sir? There’s probably more than this to remember but the brain can get a little foggy when you start to panic and feel overwhelmed. After analysing the different fabric swatches Craig had found his winner and without knowing it, he had picked one from the fine British fabric mill Alfred Brown, just 7 miles from where he grew up in Leeds (surely this was meant to be).

Your first fitting will require you to be pinned and measured to a standard suit in your off-the-peg size so that there are some rough measurements to manufacture your suit in. Then you’ll return for another fitting so that the tailor can give you the true made-to-measure service, measuring you more precisely in your actual suit and getting your trousers length nothing short of perfect. Another fitting is then required for further tweaks here and there - the tailor will keep doing this until you’re both happy with how the suit hangs and fits to your body. This kind of next-level service is what a suit from the Row is all about.

Mr & Mrs Landale
Mr & Mrs Landale

The Price Point 

The Made-to-Measure service, especially on Savile Row, was once reserved for only wealthy style connoisseurs, but The Savile Row Company are utilising years of experience in bespoke suiting and shirting to make Savile Row custom tailoring more accessible to men with pockets which aren’t so deep. They are committed to providing discerning customers with exceptional standards of quality and craftsmanship at surprisingly affordable prices. Their astonishing high value prices start at £800 for a made-to-measure suit and £100 for a made-to-measure shirt – a secret you might want to keep to yourself for a while. We expect this to get very popular, very fast. Call 0207 437 2462 to book your appointment today.


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