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Photography by Gemma Boyle

TW Steel Launches Maverick Collection

TW Steel is shaking up our perceptions of time and timepieces in 2016, launching the adventurous Maverick Collection in time for summer. Inspired by the ground-breaking Son of Time masterpiece, the Maverick Collection takes TW Steel’s bold attitude and blends in cool vintage styling with many twists, delivering a totally fresh take on time.

Determined to create a tribute to craftsmanship and passion, the Son of Time project brought together TW Steel Chief Designer Ton Cobelens and Amsterdam based custom motorcycle builder Roderick Seibert. The collaboration exploded with creativity, delivering a unique custom motorcycle and matching one-off timepiece, The Son of Time.

TW Steel Son of Time custom motorcycle
TW Steel Son of Time custom motorcycle

We were instantly won over by this striking new collection. A fresh new look which intrigued us. So, we got our hands on the TW Steel MS36 Maverick model which has a slick and smooth black watchface complemented by contrasting numbers in a modern elegant font. The sienna vintage brown leather strap looks rugged and aged, as though the watch has already lived an interesting life and has many interesting stories to tell. Alternatively, opt for a minimal and versatile Milanese steel bracelet which will grab the eye of anyone who catches a glimpse. However, the spotlight has to go to the automatic mechanism. Yes that’s right, this model is an automatic timepiece which features a transparent viewing window so that you can admire the workings - amazing value for the price point of just over 500 sheets.

TW Steel MS36 Maverick watch
TW Steel MS36 Maverick watch

The full collection certainly has a fresh new take on time. We feel that many of the watches are both masculine - due to the dimensions and proportions - and stylish - due to the stylish design features and timeless but modern look. In fact, it’s interesting to know that each of the watches in the Maverick collection are based on the one-off Son of Time timepiece. It has the same case, crown and free spirited DNA. The straps are completely hand made from the finest leather. The pushers of the chronograph models resemble the pistons of an engine while the sandwich dial gives the digits and indexes added depth.

Like the Son of Time, the Maverick encourages you to cut loose and make a clean break from traditional time. Life is short, there’s not enough time to take things too seriously. You can only learn so much from the past. Sometimes you need to break out, break rules, and break with tradition. Be bold and let the good times roll, be a Maverick.


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