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6 On-Trend Men’s Summer Shorts

Just like the taboo around the short sleeved shirt, you don’t need to be a school boy or a postman to be able to get away with wearing shorts during the summer season. There's a suitable style for almost any occasion, so if you either want something smart or casual we’ve got you covered – read on. 

Chino Shorts 

Probably the most versatile of the shorts styles to choose from. These can be worn slightly smarter with an oxford shirt and boat shoes for a casual evening, or alternatively with a t-shirt and converse for a day at the park. They are commonly found in a variety of colours such as navy, beige or khaki.

Washed Navy Shorts 

For a relaxed day by the water, or maybe even taking a boat trip - washed navy give that marine look. These are a reasonably casual style and will work perfectly with a white tee for the Nordic contrast. Finish off with comfortable espadrilles or casual trainers and a pair of sunglasses.


Club Shorts 

If you want to look smart in your shorts opt for the Club style. Generally they’re slimmer fitting than some of the other short styles around. Fit is an important factor to consider when it comes to the club cut. This style can be worn with a button down shirt and even a blazer too (some actually come as two pieces). Keep them simple and don’t overdo it on colour or with accessories and wear with a driving shoe or suede loafer to finish. 

Smart Swim Shorts 

Why not save time and money by wearing shorts that double over as swimming shorts too? We’re not talking the board short kind, which obviously can’t be worn around the city, but the smarter shorter designs. This style will allow you to keep it both casual and beach-esque teamed with a basic tee. Smart swim shorts are a great way to adopt bold prints, colours and patterns.


Chambray Shorts 

Chambray is the perfect material for those hot days when you want to keep cool. In some stores such as Rag & Bone or Saks, you can find a chambray and linen mix which might be a better option than just linen as they won’t crease as easily. Keep this style simple with a t-shirt and boat shoe for a great afternoon BBQ parties look.

Denim Shorts 

The most casual style of shorts for the summer season. However, they’re probably not the most lightweight and practical for those hot summer days. Worn with a plain t-shirt, casual shirt or polo – teamed with comfortable trainers, they are a great option for the days in transit. With a range of different denim styles, from washed out to dark rinse to coloured denim, they’re a highly versatile option. A style tip for denim shorts is the fit; keep them slim and the length the thigh and knee.

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