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4 Must-Follow Rules for Balding Men

Hair loss can sometimes be an inevitable part of growing older. One day you might just wake up and notice that your hair is thinning, receding or disappearing dramatically. It can be confusing, overwhelming and a little bit scary. We’ve teamed up with DHI Manchester, global leaders in direct hair implementation and hair restoration in Manchester to discuss the variety of reasons why men go bald, with most of them being genetic. There is no point dwelling on the “why me?” once it starts to happen. We believe that the focus should be on “what now?”

#1 - Accept It 

Male pattern baldness is a genetic condition that could start as young as puberty. A lot of men generally notice changes in their 20s and 30s, whilst other men are lucky enough to hold on to their hair as late as their 50s and 60s. Whatever age you are, panicking isn’t going to solve anything. The sooner you realise it’s happening, the sooner you will come to accept it. It’s likely that people have already noticed your attempts to hide it with a combover; they just don’t want to point it out.

Kelly Slater for GQ
Kelly Slater for GQ

#2 – Assess Your Hair  

Once you’ve accepted that your hair isn’t going to grow back anymore, it’s time to step back and assess what exactly is happening up there. If you’re still in the early stages, you might be able to find a flattering hairstyle without having to shave it all off. Generally, we would advise men to keep it as short as possible. If the damage has been done and you’re desperately holding on to the last tufts of hair – it’s time to shave it all off. Don’t be scared; it’ll look so much better. There are lots of celebrities who rock the bald look so you’re not alone.

#3 – Grow Facial Hair  

Bald men look a lot better when they have facial hair. If you’re losing it on your head, growing a beard will successfully divert everyone’s attention elsewhere. It also helps to balance out the severity of having nothing up top. You can grow any kind of facial hair; it’s completely up to you. From a moustache to a full on beard – just go with what you think suits you the best. A lot of men opt for something between light stubble and a grizzly beard.

Tim Howard by Brock Elbank
Tim Howard by Brock Elbank

#4 – Look After Yourself 

Whether you’ve gone for a buzz cut or you’ve completely shaved all of your (remaining) hair off, you still need to look after anything that is left or your exposed scalp. Your head is possibly exposed to the elements for the very first time, making you more susceptible to factors such as sun burn. You might find that you have to do stuff that you’ve never done before, such as applying moisturiser to your head and popping some sun cream on when the sun is out. We also suggest investing in some cool new headwear too. Hats are a bald guy’s best friend – especially in summer.

Just remember that going bald doesn’t have to be the end of the world. A lot of men have successfully embraced their baldness. And for those who are not quite ready, there are plenty of different options available to you.


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