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Don’t Buy a Rolex Until You’ve Read This

Thinking about buying a Rolex, but needing some guidance? We’ve teamed up with Luxury watch retailer The Watch Gallery to bring you some expert insights. Buying a luxury watch can be a nerve-wracking experience (a lot of 000’s on a receipt tends to have that effect) but doing some research on the subject can really help you out. Enter The Watch Gallery’s ultimate Rolex buying guide, packed full of useful information, videos and images to bring you everything you need to know before choosing a watch.

Written in conjunction with their expert store managers and in-house Rolex watchmaker, the guide is broken down into easy-to-read chapters, covering all subjects from ‘How to spot a fake Rolex’ to ‘Maintenance, service and repair’, ‘Why is a Rolex so expensive?’ and ‘Rolex watches and prices’. Something as fine (and let’s face it, expensive) as a Rolex should be a considered purchase, and it definitely helps to do your homework. Reading about many aspects of it on a proper Rolex watch guide will give you an informed decision, being able to weigh the pros and cons of each option. The guide gives you all the information you need to know before you walk into the store.

Rolex is a world leading watch brand, with a long and successful history of designing, developing and refining the ultimate watch. Although world-famous as an iconic Swiss brand, Rolex actually originated from London; founded by the 24-year-old Hans Wilsdorf in 1905. Born out of his desire to create an elegant but also reliable wristwatch, the young Hans wanted to name his company something short, so that it might fit well on watch movements and dials. A name now synonymous with luxury was chosen at random, by combining the letters of the alphabet in an interesting way.

Rolex went on to make a number of “firsts”; the first water-resistant watch (the Oyster, 1926), the first automatically changing date on the dial (the Datejust, 1945), and the first watch waterproof to 100m (the Submariner, 1953). These, along with others, were game-changing watches, and it’s this history of innovation that makes Rolex such a renowned brand today.

The ultimate in Swiss watchmaking doesn’t come cheap, something you probably already know. But for a slice of history and a hefty dose of fine craftsmanship, is it any wonder? The thing to remember when buying a Rolex is that you’re buying a watch for life. And the cost-per-wear will surely work out in your favour. Soon to join Rolex with a buying guide at TheWatchGallery.com is luxury brand Breitling, perfect for those of you looking for more of an aviation-inspired timepiece.


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