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Introducing Boateng Eyewear

Jérôme Boateng, the football world champion with a passion for fashion, has taken a new path as a designer with his own eyewear collection. His vanity and preference for fashion especially for glasses is the reason why GQ magazine awarded him to the ‘Most stylish Man in Germany’.

Did you know that Boateng is nearsighted? 

Yes, he is. But during a football game he always wears contact lenses. In those days his mum dragged him to the optician. In an interview he explains how he hated to wear glasses. Before he went to school, he always hid his glasses in the mailbox because he was so ashamed to wear glasses.

Boateng pays attention to style 

Jérôme Boateng is a fairly vain person. When he goes to football training, it takes him fifteen to twenty minutes to get ready. If he goes to an evening event it takes him half an hour. This sounds quite long for a man, but remember, he has a selection of more than 600 sneakers - that’ll take some time to choose from we’re sure! It doesn´t matter which event he appears at, he always acts stylish and elegant. He is adaptable in his style, but always authentic. And you can see that his lifestyle is reflected by the JB-collection. The German star has made a boateng glasses and sunglasses collection, which has become a main element of his recent unique looks. Both the Boateng glasses and prescription sunglasses allow you can see better too.

Boateng Eyewear Collection 

The name of the collection is #DefendYourStyle and the individual names of the sunglasses and prescription glasses communicate the football cities of Jérôme Boateng. Hamburg, Munich, Manchester, Berlin and New York and start at £82. There is also a retro model available for stylish kids named ‘JB Rio’. To buy into this collection head over to the Edel-Optics Webshop today. This shop was chosen as the retailer because it is the only shop which fits into Boateng’s vison. Their slogan is “See and be Seen” and aimed at men who live the same lifestyle and love style.

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