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Bavaria Launch ‘Taste Independence’ Campaign

The Independent Dutch brewer, Bavaria, is one of the last truly global independently brewed family owned premium beers left in the world. The Swinkels family have actually been brewing in the small Dutch village of Lieshout, just outside Eindhoven since 1719. The brewery, run by the seventh generation of Swinkels, stands on the location of the farmhouse where the first generation started brewing almost three hundred years ago.

It is an impressive fact that the company is still 100% family owned too. To celebrate almost three hundred years of independence, Bavaria UK are launching the ‘Taste Independence’ campaign. A lot has changed in the last three hundred years - the doctor won’t give you a box of leeches, the dentist doesn’t give you wooden false teeth, and you can cheerfully get on a cross channel ferry without renewing your pirate insurance. But some things really do stand the test of time. The Swinkels family have been brewing in the same location, with the same mineral water for almost three hundred years.

The campaign humourously stresses the fact that just because 300 years of brewing excellence is something that should be at the cutting edge of fashion, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we should delve back three hundred years for styling and grooming tips. This campaign also includes a competition - #FashionThursday - encouraging entrants to send in ‘fashionable’ selfies. Send in selfies or old pictures via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram where you were wearing something unusual, vintage, or plain mad.

The Competition 

If you’ve ever rocked the rococo look, bossed baroque, or set your own trends, celebrate your independent style every #FashionThursday and win a Bavaria gift box (2 Bavaria 5% 500ml bottles, 2 Bavaria 0.0% 330ml bottles, 2 glasses, 300ml size, 1 bottle opener, Bavaria-branded gift box). Simply comment with a photo, old or new, of you owning a look that’s unique, vintage, or simply a little bit mad, for a chance of winning a gift box of Bavaria, including specialised glassware. The competition closes 1pm Wednesday 24th August 2016 - good luck! 

Visit tasteindependence.co.uk for more great content, competitions and chances to win with Bavaria.


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