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Larke x Turnbull & Asser Eyewear

Summer is still upon us which means what better excuse than to treat yourself to a pair of sunglasses. And a special edition pair at that. London's Larke Optics has teamed together with fellow British brand Turnbull & Asser for a limited edition capsule collection, all available to purchase online. The wearable collection consists of five 'Roark' frames available in Black, Clear, Black and Clear, Smoked Brown and Brown Tortoiseshell.

The collaboration between these two brands may not immediately seem suited however when looking at the ethos maintained by Larke and Turnbull & Asser, they make a perfect pairing. Larke Optics, founded by effortlessly cool Laura Nicholson in 2013, prides itself on being a ‘made in England’ brand, and I would like to stress that they are all handmade. Laura’s design influences and genuine interest in the original British manufacturing process, echo the history behind the infamous bespoke shirtmaker, founded in 1885 and manufactured in Gloucester and Sidcup.

Laura Nicholson
Laura Nicholson

For their Autumn/Winter 2016 collection at LC:M, Turnbull & Asser produced a presentation named "The Artist and The Architect". It was the first time in their 131 year history that the company had used models to display their collection and it was a perfect occasion for Larke Optics to showcase their collaboration. Nicholson cleverly took inspiration from the title of the season's collection by naming her frames after a fictional character and architect, Howard Roarke, from Ayn Rand's novel; The Fountainhead. The sunglasses certainly have a 1950/60s vintage feel to them with their strong, squared off edges and translucent frames.

Larke x Turnbull & Asser
Larke x Turnbull & Asser

Nicholson knows what she is talking about when it comes to designing eyewear as she herself was born myopic. Due to this she has been determined to create a product which is easy to wear yet extremely stylish. She focuses on a more minimal and understated design but through her creativity and expertise she has produced some truly enviable frames. These particular high-end sunglasses may come with a high price-tag, as the capsule collection glasses retail at £295. However, I can guarantee you are paying for absolute pure quality as Laura uses some of the finest Italian acetate available. Each eyewear model is hand crafted by one single person which means a huge amount of attention is poured into the craftsmanship. These are certainly not your regular sunglasses.


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