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How to Fill Your Time at Airports

What else was I to do in the Sao Paulo airport on a three-hour layover other than blow a nifty on booze and watch tennis? Admittedly it was a great game (Murray v Del Portro) but I was infuriated with my lack of self-discipline, knowing I'd be drinking for free on a 10-hour flight to Frankfurt. So I put the feelers out and asked my fellow travelers how do they kill time in an airport? Here is what they came back with.

Ewan Gunn - Global Scotch Whisky Master  

Always check in advance what’s available to do in the airport. Some have pretty surprising activities – Schiphol for example has an offshoot of the Rijksmuseum with an impressive gallery of Dutch art. If you’re on a layover, and there’s time, have a shower – you’ll feel so much better for it and your fellow passengers will be grateful. Most decent airline lounges will have facilities, or some airport hotels have 2 or 4 hour rates. If it’s a lengthy layover consider leaving the airport. The train into some cities is surprisingly quick, and quite a few airports are now offering 1-2 hour sightseeing trips from the airport e.g. Keflavik Airport in Iceland offer a rejuvenating trip to the Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon

That Dapper Chap - Blogger 

I suggest tipping a cup of coffee on a well-polished floor and then taking a seat while you watch people slip and fall. The fun doesn't stop here - if you have a note book you can also give them points for firmness of landing, artistic merit, and level of injury. I'd suggest packing a certificate and a small medal of some sort in your hand luggage, so you can award the winner. It takes the game to another level and adds to the satisfaction for all parties involved.

Natasha Coyler - Editor of Seen in the City 

I use the time when waiting for flights to catch up on all my emails and the little admin things I don't normally have time for at the office. I also think it’s a good idea to download a few films onto your iPad to watch whilst you wait for boarding.

Stacey Smith - Editor of Crummbs 

I'd say get mega involved in the free booze samples, buy the lot, do that thing where you pick it up on the return, forget all about it and then TA DAAAAA! A little present when you get home! WHAT HOLIDAY BLUES???? I ended up with every flavour baileys and tequila ever invented. And it was a 6am flight.

Helena Fleur - London PR 

I once had to spend 22 hours by myself in Singapore airport. They had a free cinema, free internet, free massage chairs, a smoking terrace that was also a sunflower garden with cool mist fans, good showers that you could use for a few quid and I made friends with an American who bought me a load of beers. The last one was probably the best time killer. Make friends. Drink beers.

Peter Brooker

Peter is a published author on men's style, writer for the Metro Online, a huge James Bond fanatic and the host of our very own MenswearStyle podcast show.

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