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Discover Camper Footwear Since 1981

Summer is quickly coming to a close, and so I wanted to take a look back at what caught my attention this past season. Beside a flurry of floral print shirts and not too exciting shorts, there was a brand of footwear that intrigued me. Normally I’m not a big fan of sandals nor open toe shoes for men, but I had to change my mind after seeing many gentlemen of very different ages on the streets of New York City wearing very colourful and fun summer footwear.

The Spanish brand, Camper, was the manufacturer behind the footwear that caught my eye. Since 1981, when Camper’s stores started to open in Spain, this brand has been on the frontline, experimenting with audacious design and innovative materials. In only ten years Camper has expanded its voice to the most fashionable cities of Europe and the world.

lllustration: Stefano Imbert
lllustration: Stefano Imbert

Creative director Romain Kremer shaped Camper’s summer 2016 collection inspired by various locations on the isle of Mallorca and with a palette of nautical bright shades. The DUB model is made of colorful rubber soles, reminiscent of Mallorca rocks, that envelope the shoe made of multicolor suedes, bright technical fabrics, or nabuck. The Match model gives a new spin to the bulky and monastic Birkenstock-style sandal with a more fitted design that adds a light and flattering look to your foot.

The Spray and Marges sandal options are classics with vintage looks, but completely reinvented by introducing new materials and fun bright dyes and colour accents to the footwear. New materials are also found in their shoe model, the Deia, that uses technical fabrics entirely and astonishingly enveloped by natural cork. Even the simplest flip-flops are revamped with technical rubber and a comfortably padded outsole in electric shades.

The collection also has more a conservative approach to each model described, but it’s somehow refreshing to see that gentlemen can play with colours and materials like ladies have done for years, having fun with their footwear in every possible season.

lllustration: Stefano Imbert
lllustration: Stefano Imbert

I also noticed, however, that some of the men I passed in the streets of New York City sported these sandals proudly accessorised with short socks. I know this is the hip new trend, but it seems quite bizarre to wear socks with sandals and then go sockless when wearing dress shoes.

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