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Reiss Launch 1971 Capsule for AW16

Retaining all the quality and craftsmanship of the mainline range, the 1971 capsule collection offers a more directional take on Reiss menswear. You’ll find the same design principles you’d expect from our primary offering, but you’ll also find experimental fabrics, details, patterns and shapes. The collection is a culmination of all of the influences and techniques which have resonated with our design team this season.

For AW16 we recruited menswear influencer and model, Diego Barrueco, to showcase the 1971 collection. As one of a generation of young people harnessing the power of social media to cultivate their own distinct aesthetic - and embodying the collection’s core character - the Spanish-born model was a natural choice to front this season’s campaign. Below discover the highlights of AW16’s 1971 collection as worn by Diego Barrueco.

MenswearStyle recently cornered Diego for a quick chat to find out more about his background and personality. 

How did you get started out in your career? 

"A magazine editor saw my photos online and asked me to do an editorial for his magazine. When the magazine came out different modelling agencies from NYC contacted me to sign me." 

What are you enjoying wearing at the moment? 

"Lately I'm loving suede garments."  

What three things can’t you live without? 

"Food, phone, music."

Whose style do you admire the most? 

"No one in particular, but I admire people who can make an outfit look amazing without spending big money on clothes and also people who try new things but without trying too hard, if that makes sense. In general, anyone who can look amazing wearing the simplest things." 

What are your biggest personal ambitions? 

"To be happy with what I'm doing and buy a house somewhere exotic." 

Where is home for you? 

"Wherever I feel most comfortable." 

Where is your favourite place in the world? 

"My living room, there I can chill after a long day or after my travels."


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