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The Most Effective to Grow Long Hair

Over the past few years men have become increasingly encouraged by barbers and grooming experts to embrace their locks and grow their hair. The stigma of men with long hair being feminine is long gone. Contrary to popular belief, it’s known that a lot of women will agree that longer hair on men increases their sex appeal. So, whether you’re after a surfer look, a man bun or a lob (that’s a long bob to you and I) here’s how you can go about growing it out effectively.

Is Long Hair for You?  

One of the first aspects you need to think about is whether the look will suit you. Just because long hair is becoming a popular hairstyle for men doesn’t mean it will work for every Tom, Dick and Harry out there. This can be for several reasons - ask yourself, does it suit your lifestyle? Can you imagine yourself wearing this look to the office? Could you tie it back for a corporate look? Next, consider your hair type - the smoother the hair the more manageable it will be, especially if it has a slight wave through it. If your hair is coarse or curly, let it fall as it pleases and try not to play around with it too much because the key to long hair is low maintenance; it should look and feel casual.

Hair Care 

To be able to grow your hair and keep it healthy at the same time you shouldn’t over wash it. Shampoo damages the follicles while stripping hair of its natural oils which enable it to grow. Secondly, don’t brush the hair when it’s wet, this over stretches the hair which will make it weaker. When it comes to hair products ensure that every time you wash your hair you are using conditioner to keep it healthy and nourished. Avoid products with high alcohol content because it will dry your hair out. If you’re prone to thinning, then you’ll need to buy a shampoo which will stimulate the hair and unclog the follicles. Give yourself regular scalp massages to get the hair stimulated at the root.

Lastly, you’ll need to persevere because when growing hair out you’ll inevitably go through the dreaded awkward phase. The sides and back grow much quicker so you’ll need to go for regular trims to maintain proportion and tidy up any dead ends. This will stop your hair from looking scruffy and keep it looking healthy. After the first trim, let the hair grow and trim as little or as much is required. However, since you're trying to grow your hair, you'll have to trim less than your hair grows. Let's say you have a half an inch a month growth rate, then cutting half an inch every 3 to 4 months may be logical. Follow our advice and you’ll be sporting a longer hair in no time.


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