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Savile Row Company Launch Dapper Dogs

Want your Dog to look Dapper? You think we are barking mad? Then you must be correct, but we got your attention. Then head to The Savile Row Company to adorn your pup in their own Made-to-Measure shirts online. The Savile Row Company is an online, family-run gentleman’s tailor producing impeccably crafted garments and accessories. The company offers its ready-to-wear collection online alongside its bespoke tailoring service at 40 Savile Row. With its classic tailoring heritage, the company occupies a unique place in the world of ready-to-wear menswear. It is committed to providing discerning customers with exceptional standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Many dapper gents have Dapper Dogs, and with a wide range of fabrics to choose from and more being added each week their master tailors can get the cut right for any dog shape or size - from Poodle to Labradoodle and the whole process can be done online too.

Over at their website you’ll see videos available to guide each user through the process of measuring and picking all the finer details. We dig 'Bone' the Basset Hound who looks at home in his Andrew Bengal stripe with contrast collar and cuffs. He also opted for monogramming on the cuff. Then there’s 'Shamus', a Kerry Blue Terrier, looking dapper in a Dexter Bengal Stripe with contrast collar and cuffs.

“When it comes to our made to measure shirts for men, we wanted to show you just how far our tailors are willing to go to meet your needs. That's why we asked them to make five perfectly fitted, bespoke shirts for our four-legged friends. For that reason, (and because who doesn't like funny dog pictures?), we bring you the best dressed mutts in town. We took our designers' original ruff sketches and turned out a series of shirts that come with a great deal of pedigree and plenty of style. The beagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that not only have the shirts been made with the finest materials, but they've been expertly cut to match our pooches' figures.”

Those who prefer can book an appointment in their London store based on the renowned Savile Row. If they can do this for a pup imagine what they can do for you. You won’t be disappointed. Just as our Editor-in-Chief wasn't when he recently visited 40 Savile Row to get his wedding suit made.


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