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Introducing Black Label Grooming

Whether you’re a slick-back, undercut or high-fade kinda guy, achieving perfectly styled hair should be easy, and it all begins by finding the right product. Well now we have found the antidote for all your bad hair days,and it goes by the name of Black Label Grooming, hailing from Manchester. Black Label’s flagship product, ShapePaste is the easiest to use product for all hair types. As a pre-styler simply apply to damp hair before blow-drying for pumped up volume and an ultimate matte finish. You can add texture and hold that will last throughout the day and into the night. Perfect for the modern 9-5 man that likes to let his hair down (so to speak) in the evenings.

CraftClay is their most popular product and the second product to be released under the Black Label name. Loved worldwide, this Clay really is the top performer in an industry saturated with substandard products. Run the product through clean, blow-dried hair for a strong, textured style with an ultimate matte finish.

With plans for a number of new products and new features due to be released over the next few months, it’s a very exciting time for the modern gentleman. The one we’re most excited for is the introduction of a subscription based service - something we’ve never seen before in the hair styling world. With promises of a discounted product price and tailor made styling packages delivered directly to your door, every single month, our name is already on the pre-order list.

Black Label are huge on Instagram (@blhairuk), their aesthetic fits perfect for a premium styling brand and there’s plenty of inspiration with haircuts and styling tutorials for the undecided guys out there. You will soon be sporting David Beckham’s hairstyle thanks to their “How To Get Becks’ New Do” tutorial. We never knew it’d be so easy to look a million dollars, or should we say $350 million.

This new Manchester born grooming brand is paving the way and setting an example of how brands of any male industry sector should interact with their fans socially. It’s an exciting time for us men in the beauty market, and the future looks bright for Black Label to continue to grow upon their success they have already experienced to date.


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