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In Conversation with Paul Edmonds

This leading London hair stylist isn’t short of experience using scissors. Having worked with a variety of public figures and his extensive project experience with top modelling agencies, it’s no surprise Paul Edmonds has built a name for himself and that his unique salon is so popular. We recently sat down with him to find out more about his success story and to find out the secrets to being a top hair aficionado.

Where did you you train and learn how to create such a unique salon space? 

“Life is probably the best trainer for what works. I was always brought up to believe I should aspire to be the best, make people happy and help them feel good about themselves. Before I studied hairdressing I always loved design. Whether that was fashion, interiors, or product. I honed my hairdressing skills in some of London’s leading salons. I later studied healing and Feng Shui and I have a passion for 40s furniture. I love great aesthetics but also what makes a person feel happy, calm and content. However, what makes the salon truly unique is the team who have the same passion as my own. We strive together to give the best service while ensuring a friendly caring experience. We adopt a unique and holistic approach that blends technical excellence with intuition and artistry so that every client who walks through the salon door receives a bespoke consultation and luxury pampering.”

Talk us through your bespoke consultation process, what sort of reference points do your clients bring with them when they first visit the salon? 

“When you come to our salon for the first time, I would dress like you normally dress, style your hair the way you like it and take a few pictures for reference of what you like in the way of hair cuts or styles. Our team will normally, if it’s a first visit, sit you down at a section and talk through primary and secondary worries you may have about your hair.” 

Working with John Galliano was a highlight for you, who else has been favourite clients over the years? 

“The late Alan Rickman was an amazing actor and had a great sense of humour. I’m always delighted to see the charming actors such as Jon Hamm and Colin Farrell when they are in town. Sam Smith who has become a close friend took me to Hollywood to do his hair for the Oscars which was absolutely incredible.”

How did your collaboration with Britain's Next Top Model come about?  

“Through Abbey Clancy whose hair I’ve been doing for quite a while. I first met her when she was involved in Strictly Come Dancing. She was one of the judges of Britain's Next Top Model and she knew we often work extensively with models from Storm, Next and Models1. She thought we would be perfect for the next series, so she asked us if we would work on it with her.” 

What are common mistakes you see men making with their hair and how can they prevent this?

“I often see men using the wrong products on their hair. There is such an extensive range out there. It often gets confusing so I’d say ask your hairdresser for advice because as you change your style you may need to change products too.”

What are your favourite hair trends at the moment?  

“The return of barbering and super short hair fades such as those seen on TV show Peaky Blinders. Also, there's the basin cut (earlier Beetles) and the mid length shaggy cuts such as those seen on Mick Jagger in the 70s.” 

What are your top three hair maintenance tips for men this season? 

“With men, it’s about keeping their hair in top condition as wind and cold mixed with central heating can cause dry itchy scalps, try not to shampoo your hair every day - instead rinse and wash through the hair with a light conditioner. Or try a co-wash such as Shu Uemura Cleansing Milk that won't strip the hair and scalp.”


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