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Skopes Release Commuter Suit

Commuting men, lend us your ears. There’s now a suit on the market that’s been designed specifically for the commuting man. Introducing the Palmer Commuter Suit by Skopes. What makes it a specially designed commuter suit we hear you ask? The team at Skopes have united design and technology to create a suit that’s perfect for getting you from A to B while still looking sharp along the way.

The material used is a classic sharkskin wool blend. The high wool content in this fabric means it’s water-repellent, so you’ll be able to survive the great British weather in one piece – and without getting drenched in the process. The suit is finished with a stain-resistant coating, giving you even more protection from the elements.

It also features a two-way stretch, making it much less likely to crease when you’re sitting down on the bus, bike, train or car. There’s a ‘fresh finish’ applied to both the outer shell and inside linings as well, keeping you smelling fresh all day long, no matter what happens on the journey. The last, but not least, commuter-friendly feature of the Palmer Commuter Suit is its hidden pockets. Coolly disguised not to compromise on design, the pockets let you carry everything you need with you for your working day.

Secondly, you have extra pockets than usual and these pockets are hidden so they don’t compromise on the design. On top of all this, it’s important that it looks good – and this suit doesn’t disappoint on that either. The suit is cut into a classic fit, which is smart, comfortable and perfect for the office. It’s available in trousers and jacket with an added waistcoat for something a little different. You can choose from light brown, blue, silver and charcoal – giving you flexibility with your boardroom look which will also make you feel great at after work drinks too.


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