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5 Menswear Companies to Follow on LinkedIn

Are you someone who loves men’s fashion? Is your career goal to get a job within the industry? If so, one of the best strategies is to start planning your future now. Use the internet to learn what fashion companies seek from potential employees. Here's a small list of five men’s fashion companies you should follow on LinkedIn right now. 

Tommy Hilfiger 

If you want to learn how to get a job in men’s fashion, you’ll want to read the careers section of Tommy Hilfiger’s LinkedIn company page. In this section, current company employees provide detailed explanations of their job duties. This section also conveniently highlights various speeches given by Tommy Hilfiger employees that touch on the same subject. Just about any time the topic of working for the company comes up, you’ll find information published on LinkedIn.

Ralph Lauren 

Some LinkedIn company pages are more professional than others. Not every business feels the need to put much effort into its LinkedIn page. Ralph Lauren, however, believes otherwise. The company’s social media managers prioritise this platform. They understand that potential employees view LinkedIn as the best way to enter the men’s fashion industry, which is why the Ralph Lauren page on LinkedIn is so attractive. Regularly updated, this page highlights various career opportunities within the corporation. Almost every day, a new job opening arises, and the LinkedIn page meticulously notes the job requirements the ideal candidate will have. By perusing this site daily, you’ll feel confident in your ability to impress an interviewer. You’ll know the skills a job requires and have plenty of time to prepare an argument explaining how well qualified you are for a position if you choose to seek one at the company.

Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren

Calvin Klein 

The Calvin Klein company page discusses many of the same topics as mentioned above. The Calvin Klein page also adds more enlightening subject matter, such as corporate expectations for employees. In the social media era, the personal responsibility of a worker is more important than ever before, because any mistake you make could reflect on the company. Pay attention to the Calvin Klein videos on topics such as corporate responsibility, employee civility, and environmentally friendly business practices. During an interview, you can distinguish yourself by proving that you understand what the company expects of you as an employee. That presentation could distinguish you from other competitors for the job.

Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein

Condé Nast 

Don’t just focus on working for fashion companies and exclude other career opportunities. One of the best ways to break into the higher levels of fashion management is to start as a fashion critic. Journalists can quickly build their reputations; all they have to do is prove that they have a good eye for men’s clothing. Then they can network with employers within the industry to get jobs above entry-level positions. To make this dream a reality, you’ll want to follow Condé Nast on LinkedIn. The publisher is the place where most of GQ’s stories post on LinkedIn. Use the GQ section to learn about any second-level or higher connections you have with magazine employees. The Condé Nast page on LinkedIn is where you’ll learn how to produce high-quality fashion content for their magazines.

Condé Nast
Condé Nast


Sometimes, the less obvious career path is the best way to go. Amway’s attractive LinkedIn page will guide you toward different career opportunities. After all, men’s fashion only takes a man so far. The accompanying products, such as skin care and other personal hygiene items, are multi-billion industries. By mastering other parts of men’s appearance via Amway suggestions, you can add distinctive pieces to your resume. When you compete for a job, everyone knows which shoes, tie, and belt go with which trousers. You won’t get ahead by regurgitating what everyone else does. You will stand out in interviews by demonstrating special knowledge of the unheralded aspects of male attractiveness.

Getting a job in men’s fashion requires some planning and research. Follow these five sites on LinkedIn. You’ll learn what these companies need and expect from their employees.


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