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Your New Year Body Goals in 4 Steps

The time has come to set your New Year’s resolution. It might be a bit cliché, but why not join the billions of other people around the World and bring a new you to the new year!? Body shape goals are probably the biggest change people strive for at the start of a new year, but there’s some serious consideration required to see them through and achieve your goal. Protein Dynamix ambassador and body transformation expert Ashley Owen talks us through the professional way to set your goals and smash the new year in style.

Research shows that only 8% of people achieve their new year’s resolution which explains why most gyms are frustratingly packed out in January, but desolate come March! Why do most fail? Because real goals, with meaning and importance are extremely difficult to achieve. No one ever said a fat loss journey was easy, just like no one ever said building a toned and muscular physique was. Maybe your plan is just to live a healthier lifestyle. Regardless of your goal, the problem is you have years of bad habits to break up and a very short time to fix them.


To save you from falling into the failure category, it’s important to discuss goal setting and the relevance of having a strategy in place especially if your resolutions fall within the body shape goals mentioned above. Sitting in front of a Christmas selection box and telling people you are going to start a new gym routine simply won’t cut it. So, let’s look at some REAL steps to setting yourself up for a fruitful year. 

1. Choose Just One Goal 

The turn of the new year usually brings with it one simple resolution. Don’t be greedy, because any more than one could severely dilute our effectiveness at tackling them. Choose one that you really, really want to accomplish. If your goal is fat loss, focus on that. If your goal is weight gain, focus on that. If your goal is improved fitness and wellbeing, focus on that. Keep your focus clear and simple.


2. Keep Your Goal Visible 

Keep a note in your wallet reminding you of your fat loss goal. Keep a picture of your body shape role model pinned on your laptop, bedroom mirror, inside of the fridge door - so when you have those lethargic days there will be a stern reminder right in your face. It’s also a great idea to keep a progress chart in clear view so you can see how well you have progressed in losing weight, building muscle or staying on the treadmill for longer. 

3. Break Your Goal Down In To Sub-Goals 

Make your goal achievable by breaking it down in to small, achievable and short term goals. The purpose of a sub-goal is to create “baby” steps that are more immediately achievable than much larger steps. If you’re looking to lose some weight, drop one “bad” food from your diet and replace it with something “good” or maybe aim to a set number of lbs each week. Should you want to build muscle simply look to add 5kg to each resistance exercise each week. Or, if you want to improve your health and fitness why not increase your cardio session by 10 minutes each week.

Protein Dynamix
Protein Dynamix

4. Don’t Make Excuses 

Build your resolution into your lifestyle rather adjusting your life around it. The bigger and more dramatic the change to your life, the less likely you are to continue your journey and reach the end. 

Final thoughts 

None of us are perfect. If, and inevitably when you do slip up, be resilient, get back up, brush yourself off and carry on. Don’t turn relapses or temporary failures into complete melt downs. Protein Dynamix have created bundles based on helping you to achieve your goals. Each one has been specifically designed to help with a particular goal; whether that be fat loss, muscle gain or general fitness. Each bundle is better than half price at £30 plus free delivery and a free training guide worth £19.99 included.


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