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10 Style Commandments for January

Here we are gentlemen, we've arrived at January - the month when we all decide to join the gym and set wellbeing resolutions. With the elements reaching their peak harshness we decided to sit down with River Island Style Studio's Giles Farnham to get a few styling tips in the form of commandments to get us all through this rather gloomy month.

1. Thou shalt be gym appropriate

As we usher in the New Year, many of you will be dusting off your gym passes, determined to shift that gut you’ve been nurturing throughout December one mince pie at a time. If you’re going to do it, do it with the right kit.

Recommendation: Activewear

2. Thou shalt not sacrifice style for comfort

After a month or so of festive frivolity, there might be a temptation to chuck on a curry stained sweatshirt and watch Fresh Prince repeats…but contrary to belief, it is possible to be both comfortable and stylish. If you want to loosen things up a bit swap your shirt for a roll neck. Avoid baggie trackies and go sports luxe with a tailored jogger.

Recommendations: Grey Knit Hoodie / Black Joggers / Grey Roll Neck Jumper

3. Thou shalt invest in real leather

A biker jacket is a sound investment for the new year that will take you right through to the warmer months and never really goes out of fashion. A good quality leather jacket will last you for many years to come, with a little tlc. 

Recommendation: Black Biker Jacket

4. Thou blur the lines

Outside of the city the traditional office dress code has all but disappeared. Discerning men are wearing suits now just because they feel like it. Keep it clean and contemporary by teaming with a track jacket and sneakers.

Recommendations: Blue Suit Jacket / Blue Suit Trousers / Black Track Jacket / White Trainers / White Oxford Shirt

5. Thou shalt not freeze

Still braving the elements in that lightweight linen harrington? Pshaw! Step in to the new year prepared for wind, rain or sleet in an overcoat or mac. 

Recommendations: Khaki Mac / Brown Parka / Tan Overcoat

6. Thou shalt not parch

It doesn’t matter how rigidly you follow your grooming regime, nothing dries out your skin and ages you more rapidly than dehydration. Whether you’re working out or sat at a desk it doesn’t matter, always aim for at least 2 litres a day. You’ll be surprised how much just buying a proper water bottle will inspire you to drink more.

Recommendation: Sports Water Bottle

7. Thou shalt not go sans sock

Albeit a great look for warmer climes, in the winter months there’s nothing less becoming than pink frostbitten mankles. Cover up gents!

Recommendations: Red Twist Socks / Red Stripe Socks / Red Polka Dot Socks

8. Thou shalt try something new

New year, new you and all that… now, I’m not one for resolutions, but one should always endeavour to push the boundaries of their personal style now and again. The latest River Island collaboration from London brand Tourne de Transmission perfectly marries directional design features with a pared back colour palette for a collection that is as wearable as it is fashion forward.

Recommendation: Design Forum

9. Thou shalt travel in style

Beating the January blues with a weekend getaway? Throw out that battered old hold all and arm yourself with a nifty carry on suitcase. If you’re on a business trip and needing to scrub up then you’ll need a good quality suit bag. Your suit will need much less steaming if transported with care. 

Recommendations: Black Suitcase / Black Suit Bag

10. Thou shalt hat up

Adorn your bonce with a fisherman style beanie in a block colour to inject a little life in to your dark winter outfits. Oh, and they’re rather warm too.  

Recommendations: Red Beanie / Pink Beanie / Orange Beanie

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