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How to Trend your Capsule Winter Wardrobe

Winter is not over yet, neither are your style options to stay warm and fashionable. Unlike what you might think you only need a few options and chances is are you probably already have them sitting in your wardrobe at home. Here are some laidback tips for you to start building your own capsule wardrobe.

Black & White & Neutral Colours

Buy neutral colours so you can mix and match - black is always a good choice and every guy certainly has a black piece in his wardrobe. One of the best options is layering your black clothes, trying to get different shapes and tones of dark shades. However, all black is not enough to complement your neutral look so you can simply add accessories e.g. oversized scarfs, wool or leather gloves, different kinds of hats or even bracelets and necklaces if you are more into jewellery.

Give it a Touch of Colour

Now that you already know how to make a neutral look, the next step is adding some colours to it. We are not telling you to wear bright and vivid colours here, the colour palette should stay neutral but try to add colours such as military green, dark blue, grey and brown. This way your look will appear more rich and stylish.

Get Creative with Footwear

In Winter there aren’t many choices of footwear for outdoors since the weather forecast is usually snow or rain. You need impermeable shoes such as boots or nice leather sneakers. There are many brands that make trendy and comfortable winter footwear. Don’t forget the socks too - look different patterns and designs of socks as long as they don’t overshadow your entire outfit.

Jeans and Heavy Chinos

Everybody has at least a pair of blue basic jeans and chinos that you can wear all year long. You can also wear them in the Winter because they go with almost every piece that you already have in your wardrobe. Plus, jeans would suit most of your social events, since they're a timeless piece of clothing. Build a wardrobe with different colours of jeans and different shapes, taking time to find out what shape fits your body type the best.

Step out of your Comfort Zone

Winter jackets can be very plain and boring but it is also not too difficult to find options that go with your personality and attitude. Try to look for alternatives such as plaid outwear jackets and coats, you can find them in different colours designs and shapes, such as trench coats, raincoats, puffer coats, wool coats and parkas.

Keep your Beard on

In 2017 beards remain to be a very popular hairstyle “accessory”. Growing a beard can complement your fashion style and it will give you a touch of masculinity. Style is not only about what you wear and the brands you buy; it is about an attitude; about the lifestyle you define to the people that you will influence with your brand new fashion capsule wardrobe.

Photography by Susana Rico, Styling by Henrietta Prioste and Hair by Stephanie Roman 

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