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Trend Spotlight on Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Recently, long sleeve t-shirts have clawed their way back into fashion and have become a main staple in society. The endless graphic design ideas that come with extended sleeves and full top half coverage, coupled with the obvious benefits compared to short sleeves in all seasons makes it practically perfect.

Perhaps what’s allowed them to become so prominent again is the properly fitted style of long sleeves in each individual size. Having multiple choices on straight, tapered or tight has appealed to everyone, with a somewhat classic or retro style to them. It’s the same for long sleeve shirts (not t-shirts), as the practicality that comes with them is great. They're perfect with a suit because a tailored shirt compliments physique and adds the slightest touch of class with cuffs, plus the right amount of shirt sticking out form the blazer arm shows style and knowledge of how to dress properly. A short sleeve shirt is associated with either being a child (no primary school uniform has long sleeve shirts) or TV characters which are short hand for stupid, from Moss in the IT crowd to Homer Simpson. They are one thing from the 90s and early 00s which shouldn’t make a comeback.

Long sleeve t-shirts are also faultless when it comes to the different seasons. They are excellent for protecting against the elements in Winter as they cover a larger surface area when the temperatures drop, wind howls and rain pours. In Spring whilst being protected outside by just a hoodie - in the mornings its cold but by 11am its warm enough to just roam around in a long sleeve t-shirt for the rest of the day. Then there's summer whereby you either one of 2 people. You tan or you burn.

Long sleeves are perfect for anyone, they protect against the sun or you can just unbutton if working on a summer glow. Either way they do a better job than short sleeve shirts. You don't want to be one of those guys who walks around with significant tan lines mid bicep. This has all gone without the fact that women love rolled up sleeves on men. So, when it’s a bit too hot under that sleeve, simply roll them up to the elbow and show off that forearm.

Whether you a gym lad wanting to show off those muscles with a tight fitting or a regular stylish guy, long sleeves are for you no matter the person. Here are a few of the best on the market right now:


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