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How to Build a Stylish Wedding Guest Outfit

Whilst you’ve got your wardrobe sorted for festivals and garden parties, you’re not quite so prepared for the flurry of weddings coming your way this summer. Whether it’s family, a good friend or an old uni pal, it seems like everyone’s getting hitched this year. And figuring out what to wear to each one, as well as how you’re going to afford to attend them all, isn’t fun. That’s why we’ve created a guide to putting together the perfect wedding guest outfit that’ll see you through the entire season. Follow it through and you won’t have to deal with the dreaded “what-on-earth-am-I-supposed-to-wear-to-this-thing?” panic next time an invite comes through your door. Take a look.

1: analyse the dress code 

First things first, pay close attention to the invite you’re sent – don’t just save the date in your calendar and stick it in the pile of neglected bills and letters. It should give you a good idea of how formal their wedding is and, if you’re lucky, it might even come with explicit instructions (e.g. if they want everyone in traditional kilts). Plus, take note of whether you’re a day guest or evening reception guest. If you’re going to be there for the whole shebang, you’ll want to bear that in mind and find an outfit you’ll feel comfortable in from morning till night.

2: focus on cut 

The most important thing for looking dapper in a suit is to focus on the cut – you could be wearing a Gucci three-piece, but if it doesn’t fit properly, it might as well be Primark for all it’ll be doing for your look. If you’re a bit clueless about slim fits and lounging jackets, this guide will give you a quick insight into how to find the right shape, style and length for your body type. And remember, your outfit will forever be immortalised in the happy couple’s wedding album, so if in doubt, go for a classic shape and colour that won’t date.

3: coordinate with your date 

Power dressing as a couple is difficult – just look at JT and Britney’s iconic matching double denim disaster as proof – but for formal events such as weddings, it’s a skill you’re going to need to perfect. The trick is to focus on complimenting your partner’s outfit, rather than overly coordinating every single item of clothing you’re both wearing. So, if your girlfriend is planning on rocking a patterned floral print dress, like this one from AX Paris for example, pick out one key colour and find a tie that matches. It’s simple and subtle, just how modern power couple dressing should be.

4: groom yourself to perfection 

Want your complexion and hair to look picture-perfect throughout the whole wedding? It all comes down to prep work. Go for a haircut at a good barber shop the week before (although don’t try out an edgy new style, just in case it goes wrong) and take care of facial hair (by either freshly shaving it off in the morning or applying some beard oil to keep it under control). Our top tip for surviving a wedding on a hot summer day, though, is to treat yourself a mattifying facial moisturiser (this one from Clinique can’t be beaten). It’ll keep your face shine-free, no matter how hard you hit the dance floor.


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