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How to Match Your Outfit with Your Hairstyle and Beard

Your hair makes a bold, eye-catching statement about who you are, and you understandably need this statement to be positive and appealing. Regardless of whether you have a high-powered corporate meeting with a room full of business executives or you are heading to a nearby park to have a weekend lunch with your kids, you need to look your best everywhere you go. Matching your hairstyle with your outfit can go a long way toward helping you to achieve the desired results, but how can you accomplish this goal? Our friend and Barber Jeffrey Arvel from ShavingSolution advises you to focus your attention on these points to enjoy great results every day.

Think About Functionality 

Whether you have casual, relaxed plans with friends or professional plans at work, you do not want to be messing around with your hair all day or stressing about how it looks. The best hairstyle is one that is purely functional. In most cases, your hairstyle, outfit and plans will coincide perfectly. For example, if you plan to exercise at the gym, a top knot looks great with workout attire.

Focus on the Look You Are Projecting

Your hairstyle will project a specific look to others you come in contact with. For example, a man with shoulder-length hair who sports a ponytail has a clean, well-maintained yet younger look. A man with a man-bun may appear to be more chic or sophisticated, and a man with long hair down over his shoulders gives off a casual, laidback feel. Take a close look at the outfit that you have selected for the day. What does the outfit say about who you are? Tailor your hairstyle specifically to your look of the day.

Pay Attention to Hair Colour 

Many people of all ages are choosing to sport bolder hair colours rather than natural hues. This is often suitable for casual lifestyles, creative personalities and even for a few weeks while you are on vacation. However, if you are getting ready to head to a professional office environment a natural hair colour that looks great with your skin tone is a better option. Ensure that the hair colour you choose is suitable for your outfit and for your plans or lifestyle.

Remember the Weather 

There may be times when a down hairstyle is preferable for the outfit that you have chosen, but Mother Nature may have other plans. Down hairdos can look amazing in many situations for men, but high winds, hot temperatures or high humidity levels can make these undesirable. Such conditions can affect your health and well-being, your comfort level and the look of your hair throughout the day. Choose a style that you can easily maintain with weather conditions in mind if you want to look your best.

Choose a Modern Trend 

When the time comes to head to the Barber for a trim or a new haircut, choose a modern trend. Read style stories to learn which looks are no longer trendy. When you choose a modern look that has several functional ways to wear it, you can rest assured that you can always look your best regardless of what you are wearing. Avoid a haircut that only gives you one style option every day. Most people will benefit from changing up their hairstyle based on their outfit or plans for the day.

Maintain Facial Hair 

Facial hair for men can look attractive, but it can also be unappealing at times. For example, if a beard or goatee is not properly maintained, it can give off the impression that the man does not care about his hygiene or appearance. If the hair is riddled with grey while the top of the head is a darker colour, this can make the man look older than he is. Keep your facial hair well-groomed each day. If you do not have time to groom your facial hair, simply shave it off. In addition to maintaining its colour and style, also choose an attractive type of facial hair. A handlebar mustache for example, is a way to make a bold statement, but you may not like the statement that it is making about you.

Your hairstyle and hair colour may be some of the first few things people notice about you when they see you, and these may be features that stand out in their minds or that they use to describe you to others. They form an opinion about who you are based on your hairstyle, colour, maintenance and more. You understandably want to make a great impression on everyone you meet, and this means that you need your hair to look amazing regardless of what you are wearing each day of the week. By putting these helpful styling tips into action now, you can enjoy looking your best for every occasion and for every outfit you wear.

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