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How to Pick The Perfect Engagement Ring

So you’ve decided to ask the question, now you’ve got to get the ring. Buying an engagement ring can be exciting and stressful all at once. There is so much to consider when you’re searching for the perfect ring - will your partner like it? Will it fit? For someone who doesn’t know anything about buying jewellery the terminology can be confusing and complicated. Here’s how to pick a ring they can’t turn down.

Know Your Budget 

Everyone wants to get the best ring possible for their partner but it’s important to know your budget limits. No one wants to get to the payment desk and have to embarrassingly downgrade their ring choice. So, before you even set foot in a jewellery shop make sure you know exactly how much you want to spend. GIA engagement rings are a worthwhile investment because then you know the diamond is real and ethically sourced.

Ask For Help 

There’s no shame in recruiting the help of your partner’s siblings, parents or friends. In fact, we advise it! Even if you know her inside out, the chances are they’ve discussed their preferences in-depth with someone else. Asking an expert in the jewellery store can be helpful but it is important to avoid getting persuaded into buying something you’re not interested in. 

Know The ‘Four C’s’ 

When it comes to buying a diamond ring you need to understand the four C’s, which are: colour, cut, clarity and carat. A colourless diamond is the most desirable and is ranked as a ‘D’ grade. In simple terms, cut means the shape of the diamond. Clarity is a way of defining the flaws or marks within a diamond and carat refers to the size of the diamond. Many people think the size is the most important factor when choosing a diamond ring but it is actually a combination of these four C’s which makes the perfect ring.

Decide Which Metal 

The metal of your engagement ring is one of the most important aspects. This is where input from those who know your loved-one will be invaluable. If you don’t have anyone to help you, try to observe the type of jewellery your partner normally wears or have a look through her jewellery box. Someone who regularly wears rose gold is likely to prefer a rose gold engagement ring. This is also a good time to see which size ring you should get. If you can’t find out her ring size, it might be worth asking around or using a guide to help you get the size as accurate as possible. When it comes to the band metal, everyone has their own personal preferences, but here's a shortcut guide to help you decide which metal type to go for. 

At the end of the day, don’t forget that an engagement ring is much more special and sentimental than any other gift that you have ever given. Your partner will be more than happy with the effort you have gone to choose the ring.


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