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Up Your Pool Party Game with RompHim

It's the kind of thing that makes you involuntarily squint and lurch forward towards your screen, as if you're trying to decipher one of those laborious picture puzzles that prod you with the caption 'Wait until you see it'. I'm talking about RompHim. At first glance the name appears incongruously misshapen as their products. On second glance the imagery looks like a collage of pictures taken from a Blackpool Stag-do.

I was given the opportunity to express some thoughts, an honest account on this new male garment, excoriating or praiseworthy. Before I pick the bones apart, let's have a look at what the heck is going on here. What exactly is RompHim?

Oh, I see, it's a onesie without the trouser legs. No? I assure you, it is. But that is by no means a slight - who doesn't like the feel of a onesie? It's clearly a product designed for convivial associations. From their own website they highlight the perfect backdrops, 'Pool parties? Bar Patios? Rooftop Bars? Beach Days?' - this isn't a product taking itself too seriously. But perhaps that's doing it an injustice as this was a brand that smashed its Kickstarter goal of $10,000 with pledges of $353,804 from a total of 3,062 backers. Maybe it's a brand we should take more seriously than perhaps it takes itself.

It circumvents potential sizing pitfalls by including correlating chest, waist and even height measurements. It has practicality with fly-zippers, breast and deep front pockets. There is breadth in design choice from the garish splatter print to the more simplistic, 70s tennis pro white cotton twill. There's no point being obdurately highbrow about RompHim, unless of course they start allowing this kind of flamboyance in Blades or at the Chemin De Fer tables of the Monte Carlo Casino. There's no place for cynicism, perhaps I would have been guilty of this in the past, but if you'll forgive me I'll quote the great Kingsley Amis when he said 'No adult ought to be adult all the time'. The male romper is an enormous refreshment, quite outside the ken of my understanding of pool party attire, but I don't really mix with the pool party circles. It must be an LA thing.

Lastly, I would be tempted to purchase one of these had I not lived in the UK, with no access to a beach volleyball game, pool party or had $120 at my disposal. This is great, I love it, but its entry price point is way above what it should be for what is essentially, novelty wear.

Peter Brooker

Peter is a published author on men's style, writer for the Metro Online, a huge James Bond fanatic and the host of our very own MenswearStyle podcast show.

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