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10 Male Grooming Tips from Barber Franco Morreale

A good hair regime is just as important as the fashion brands you choose to stock up on in your wardrobe. Lifeless, dull, damaged and badly cut hair will never do that new pair of Levis jeans you just bought any justice. In achieving a well-tamed hairstyle and a crisp beard, it can be done with some very simple grooming tactics that won’t take up too much of your time. Leading barber Franco Morreale from London School of Barbering reveals some of the best men’s grooming tips he swears by for flawless and sharp looking hair. Take note of his foolproof list of tips for serious hair improvement that will have you looking and feeling great while ensuring bad hair days are a thing of the past.

1. The best way to achieve a messy/textured hair look is to apply sea salt spray evenly throughout your wet hair. Leave it to dry naturally or alternatively use your fingers and a hairdryer, which will create movement and texture. Adding a small bit of clay will create a dry look or using a small bit of cream will create a finish full of shine.

2. When applying wax, clay and paste to style your hair, always start off by applying a little amount, a fingernail to be exact. Once you start off with this small amount and build up the product, it avoids you overdosing your hair in product and causing it to look greasy and shapeless.  

3. You should never compromise on the quality of the shampoo you use – it does play a big part in your hair looking healthy and attractive. Recommended brands that are good to combat flaky, oily, dry or sensitive hair are Redken or Kerastase.

4. Men who find themselves suffering with hair thinning problems should opt to use Kerastase Bain prevention shampoo. Massage into the hair and leave on the head for a couple of minutes before rinsing off. 

5. Products like clay, wax and paste can be too heavy sometimes to style thin hair. An alternative option is to use Fudge texturising powder and apply onto dry hair to give your hair that distinct finishing touch.

6. A very common mistake that most men are guilty of is applying product onto hair that is not completely bone dry. Product should only be applied to bone dry hair to get that amazing, true matt finish. 

7. Using cool air on your hairdryer after your hair is nearly dry for a final blow dry will give your hair that super smooth finish and will help it stay in place. This also prevents breakage of hair as too much heat from the hairdryer being used is not recommended.

8. The best way to maintain a healthy and sharp looking beard is to wash it every day with beard shampoo and it is only advisable to condition it every day if your beard tends to be dry. Using beard oil helps hydrate your skin as well as softening your beard, which is also good for taming it. The best time to apply beard oil is after washing your face. 

9. The best way to style hair is on freshly washed hair. Apply mouse into your hands and evenly distribute throughout your hair, starting at the ends working up to the roots. Comb your hair into style and start drying your hair first using your fingers with the hairdryer and then start using a brush when your hair is 50% dry.

10. A popular question often asked is; 'how many times you should visit your barber?' If you have shorter hair, it will grow out of shape quicker so it is advisable to make a visit to your barbers every couple of weeks and if you have longer hair, your hair won’t grow as quick, so you making a visit to your barbershop once a month should be feasible to keep your hair in good shape.

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