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Style Lessons From The World’s Most Stylish Couple

The epitome of sophistication and elegance - meticulous might only begin to define the fashion palettes of Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl. Their immaculate presentation and sense of style is unparalleled, even amongst the elite fashion set, its what’s garnered their global acclaim as the best dressed couple on the planet. If the fashion world dwelled on Mount Olympus, then Huebl and Palermo would reign supremely over the fashion Gods like Zeus and Hera.

They are the embodiment of style, and it seems to exude effortlessly from their every pore. But, surely there is some methodology, some genius algorithm behind their flawless dressing. Surely that precision to detail is not a stroke of godly fortune? Here at MenswearStyle we’ve compiled the couple’s golden rules for dressing. Although private, the couple will occasionally disclose the odd shred of wisdom when prompted to explain the brilliance behind their dress sense. So here it is…

Photo: le21eme.com
Photo: le21eme.com

1. Fit is Key 

Dressing for your shape is the ultimate style cliché, but it is equivocally imperative to good dressing. For Huebl and Palermo it is key. Time and time again when prompted for their number one style tip, their answer is to make sure the garment fits properly. If not, they recommend finding a good tailor to make sure that the pieces you love really do fit well. 

2. Choose Your Inspiration, and Stick to it 

Huebl, whose style is an eclectic blend of 1980s colours imbued with traditional Italian and English menswear, has crafted a pretty definitive style for himself. He thinks it is important to be inspired by those around you, as well as the imagery and colours that are projected through the media and on the runway. Similarly, Palermo says that much of her fashion inspiration comes from city street style. The pair agrees that you should experiment to find your style, but once you’ve found your niche you should stick to it.

Photo: oliviapalermo.com
Photo: oliviapalermo.com

3. Accessories are Essential 

For the remarkably stylish pair, accessories are not optional. Huebl and Palermo are rarely seen without some small glint of colour in the form of a pocket square or statement cuff. Palermo, who was once the Accessories Editor for Elle America, believes that accessories can truly make or break an outfit. 

4. Shoes are a Centrepiece, Not an Accessory 

A quick google of their names and it is clear that Palermo and Huebl are both footwear fanatics. Huebl favours classic styles with a splash of colour, in patent leather or suede, while Palermo is all about eccentricity in the shape. Statement footwear is an artful way to elevate your outfit, particularly if accessorising is not your forte.

Photo: otto.de
Photo: otto.de

5. Wear What You Love  

Despite being at the end of our list, this is perhaps the couple’s most imperative style tip. When you love what you wear - it shows, think Huebl and Palermo. For the couple whose life revolves around fashion, this might seem rather easy to execute. But, even a small interest or slight enthusiasm for a fabric or colour can translate into a great deal of confidence when worn well. So, setting aside some time to really scour what’s out there and to find a piece to lust after can actually be quite a valuable addition to your style.


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