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5 Tips For Grooms on How to Dress Well

Your wedding is coming up soon, and you as the groom are well-known for your casual approach to life. This attitude is also reflected in the way you dress. Unfortunately, this is just not going to fly with your future wife when it comes to your wedding apparel. This event is very important to her as it should be to you, and dressing up for the occasion should be a huge priority for both of you. Some great tips to get yourself dressed up in a stylish manner include the following:

View Wedding Magazines 

Purchase or borrow a few wedding magazines to page through. Look for specific looks that match your style and personality. Colour too is an option; choose suit, tuxedo, shirt, and tie colours that look great with your skin and eye colour. For example, a dark blue or navy suit will always look great on an individual with blue eyes. A grey suit looks amazing on guys with dark features and hazel eyes.

Get a Good Haircut 

Sometimes a great first step is to go to your local barber or hairdresser and get a flattering haircut. It will give you a clean, crisp appearance that will only enhance whatever suit or tuxedo you decide to wear. 

Ask for Help 

If you are really confused about what look you want to achieve and what to wear on this very special day, ask your friends. Choose those friends who have great style and enlist their aid in making you look amazing on your wedding day. You can always bribe them with good groomsmen gifts for sharing their advice and expertise. Another option is to get the bride involved. She knows all of the elements of the day and can help coordinate what you wear with her own dress, the flowers, the bridesmaids' attire, and the groomsmen's clothing. Salespeople are also of great assistance, as they have dealt with many bridal parties and know what is currently trending and what's best avoiding.


To make your clothing choices stand out even more, don't forget to accessorise. Shoes do make the man, so be sure to select high-quality, comfortable footwear from Del Toro Shoes that will take you all the way through the reception. Black is always a solid choice and will match just about anything that you wear. If you do not want to purchase new shoes, renting from a tuxedo shop is always a viable option. Just be sure they fit properly and will keep your feet comfortable all the way to the last dance. Wear elegant cufflinks to set off your shirt. These can be worn for all types of occasions and will never go out of style. Make them family heirlooms and pass them onto your firstborn son on his wedding day.

Go Out on a Limb 

So, you've never had a manicure until now. Your rough, work-worn hands are not going to look so great in those wedding photos, and you are being cajoled into doing something about them. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so do your bride a favour and get a manicure so those up-close photos of the ring ceremony and the cake-cutting will look totally amazing with what you are wearing. As is clearly evident, it is important that you look the part of the happy, well-dressed groom. This is one day in your life that you never want to forget so step out in style; photos of your look with your new bride will be so much fun and interesting to pull out for years and years to come.

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