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How to Dress Well in Your 30s

As a 30-somthing, we’re sure you’ve seen fashion trends come and go. Even with that, certain items have stood the test of time and won’t probably go out of style anytime soon. You can create a polished, well-rounded, and casual wardrobe without having to gather so many clothes and accessories. Through this guide, we aim to help you look your best with classic, quality essential items.

7 Must-Have Items 

1. A white button-down: A definite must-have for any gentleman, the white button-down shirt is one article of clothing that will keep you looking sharp and classy, but it can be used for casual purposes too. Herringbone and poplin weave are popular fabric choices as they are elegant and durable. Once you have the white button-down and have learned to wear it right, you can start getting other colours such as light grey and light blue.


2. A crew neck T-shirt: A plain crew neck T-shirt can serve as the canvas to your entire attire. Go for classic colours such as white, black, grey, and navy blue. It can be mixed and matched with almost anything - jeans, shorts, hoodies, bomber jackets, blazers... you name it.


3. Denim jeans: It is essential to have a pair of classic denim jeans. They have stood the test of time and have remained a staple in the world of men’s fashion for decades. The jean’s cut is dependent on your body type, but you can never go wrong with a straight cut. Whether it be a casual T-shirt, a sports coat, or a button-down, denim jeans can be paired with almost anything.


4. Khaki chinos: Chinos have a nice balance between casual and semi-formal. They’re less casual than jeans, but also less formal than slacks. They’re perfect for a garden wedding, outdoor events, and afternoon cafe meetings with a client.


5. A stylish wallet: Even though they spend a lot of time in your pocket, your wallet is an accessory that can definitely improve your look. Stay away from cloth wallets with velcro and opt for clean leather wallets. If you find wallets too bulky, going for a sleek metal or carbon money clip is another way to go.


6. A classy timepiece: You may have always loved that trusty ol’ G-Shock you’ve owned since your early twenties, but if this is the only timepiece you own, it’s time to invest in a new watch. Nothing says elegant than checking the time on a clean-faced, leather or metal strap watch, rather than looking at your phone.


7. White sneakers: A pair of white classic kicks such as Chuck Taylors or Vans have been around for ages, and rightly so. They’re casual, cool, and comfortable. Perfect for casual Fridays, a walk in the park, or to a bar with your buddies, white sneakers are one of the most versatile yet sharp-looking shoes out there.

Original Penguin
Original Penguin

Items You Should Leave Behind 

1. Clothes that don’t fit: You may have some old clothes that don’t fit you anymore. If you don’t think you can fit them any time soon, keeping them in your closet will just take up space. Why not sell your old clothes online instead? That way, you can use the cash to purchase ones that will fit you better. 

2. Clothes that are worn out: If you’ve been keeping that graphic T-shirt you’ve had for centuries now, it may be time to let it go. Wrought shoes, distressed slacks, damaged shirts - it’s best to say goodbye to them. Instead of dumping them in the garbage, consider donating them to charity as it may be of use to those in need.


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