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2017 Winter Fashion Trends for Him

Cold December has begun and the fashion calendar is telling us it’s time to shop. When the new arrivals are hitting the shops and online stores, be sure to fill your wardrobe with trendy 2017 winter outfits. Replace the old polo shirt with oversized shirts. Keep the accents light instead of last year’s dark coloured winter coats and trousers. 2017 is the year to layer up in style with echoes from the nostalgic 90s. Here are a few trends that you must know before parting with your cash on a new wardrobe this season.

Quilted Jackets

This winter, quilted bombers and jackets are no longer confined to the British country noblemen. They are everywhere and for everyone this winter. Quilted moto jackets are the ones that every guy will be adding to his wardrobe, ensuring that those chilling days are going to be warm and cosy.

Belstaff by Aphrodite 1994
Belstaff by Aphrodite 1994

It’s Going to be Fur Collars

Furs give the warmth around your neck that you need and who doesn’t love the cosy feeling you get whilst in the freezing cold? This Russian winter look is going to take over everywhere and there is no reason to resist it. 

The Timeless Graphic Sweaters

Your favourite graphic T-shirts are going to be with you all yearlong. Graphical sweaters and knitwear is a clever way to show off on trend graphical patterns even during winter. A great way to succeed in adopting this style is to pair this loud piece with some neutral colour to balance out the look while showing off the trend in its true essence.

Craig Landale for French Connection
Craig Landale for French Connection

Loose Leg Trousers

Loose wide leg trousers for a more casual look are coming back and its getting popular just in time for winter. While you don’t want to ditch slim trousers, wider trousers are a good alternative for few casual occasions with more unstructured style.


Statement Shirts

Everyone likes a fun statements shirt right? Statements are not new in the fashion world, however, this year it is going to be more popular than usual. Moving back from more formal and sophisticated knitwear, men are becoming chaotic again this winter. The secret of the statement is making sure it gets heard. For a thoughtful selection, look for wool or knitted cotton garments to keep the look low-key while serving the intended purpose.

Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss

Oversized Clothes

If you remember the 90s era, oversized T-shirts, shirts and knitwear were the love of every fashionista. This winter, those oversized hoodies, sweaters and jackets are stealing hearts. To keep the trend contemporary, wear an oversized piece with something fitted. 

Silk Shirts

Silk is no longer an ‘only for ladies’ fabric this winter season. Stylish printed silk shirts are going to be the best pieces for the festive parties. If you need to balance your look with a silk shirt, wear everything else in neutrals to balance the look perfectly.

Z Zegna
Z Zegna


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